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NEAR Burmese Border: Bangladesh Army Deployed New Tanks

Bangladesh Army transported main battle tanks in Cox’s Bazaar with heavy trucks

News emerged that Bangladesh Army carried advanced MBT-2000 in Cox’s Bazaar district amid regional deteriorated situation. Although, strong defense positions Bangladesh wants peace with its neighbors at any cost.

Recently Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina addressed at UNGA about Rohingya Peoples’ repatriation into burma where they actually belongs to. Burma’s genocidal operation against Rohingyas created a refugee flood into Bangladesh from the Arakan province of myanmar.

From the very beginning Bangladesh strongly condemning and urged myanmar not to oppress Rohingya ethnicity. But burmese army brutally killed thousands of poor Rohingyas and torched hundreds of villages. Raping, killing, mayhem are the very common crimes burmese army doing with Rohingya peoples.

United Nations called this atrocities of burma against Rohingya Muslims as “text-book example of genocide”. UN urges suu kiy to pressurize her military to stop Rohingya killing, though, she doesn’t acknowledging those brutal atrocities yet.

Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister of Bangladesh Called For SAFE ZONE Inside Burma For Rohingya Peoples At UNGA Speech

Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister of Bangladesh Called For Immense Pressure On Burma To Stop Rohingya Genocide

Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gave an emotional speech at United Nations general Assembly about the plight of the Rohingya Peoples facing from burmese army. Nobel laureate aung sun kiy doing nothing rather supporting her army to kill poor Rohingyas to fulfill burma’s current “ethnic cleansing” missions.

Rohingya Peoples historically lived in the Arakan Province for almost 500 years and they were moved there in the Mughal ages. Arakan also was a part of the then Shah Suja’s kingdom in the southern part of Bangladesh. Burmese government may deny the truth but denying it not well works. Almost 600,000 Rohingyas fled to Bangladesh in the last few years to avoid killing, raping, and being torhed.

Along with myanmar army rakhines, Buddhist monks are also taking active part to torching, ransoming and killing Rohingya peoples. Burmese army trained them to shoot innocent peoples blatantly. United Nations termed burmese atrocities as the “text-book example of genocide” in the burma against these poor Rohingya peoples.

Burma got backing from China, israel, india on this event. Burmese are also fighting Kachins, Karens and Shans in the other parts of their country.

Bangladesh’s prime minister insists for the creation of “safe zones” for the Rohingya peoples inside the Arakan State of burma for repatriation of them. Some are also calling for UNPK Missions there.

She also called upon for world peace, regional crisis, economy, environmental issues and such various.

URGENT PURCHASE: Bangladesh Buying LARGE NUMBER of High-Tech WEAPONS For The Army & Air Force To Tackle Burma’s Jingoism

Bangladesh Army Plans to Purchase a Large Amount of High-Tech Weapons & Equipment Urgently

Bangladesh Army & BAF will purchase latest generation tanks, APCs, air defense systems, howitzer guns, advanced fighter jets, and some other military equipment soon. As economy growing slow Bangladesh also slowed the modernization processes of her Armed Forces. Although, current economic constraints Bangladesh Army & Bangladesh Air Force decided to purchase some military equipment & weapons quickly.

This is to enhance operational capabilities and flexibilities. Most of the weapons and systems will come from European Union and Chinese sources. Bangladesh is peace loving country working for establish peace in the world through the UN Peace Keeping Missions. Hence, Armed Forces of Bangladesh needs various types of military hardware to accomplish those vital missions worldwide, especially in African continent. Bangladesh is the largest troop contributor to the UNPK Missions.

Most of the military hardware will come from the EU, Russia and China. Bangladesh enjoys great, cordial relation with EU nations.

BD Army will selected Chinese NORINCO made VT5 light tanks to purchase under this quick acquisition program. How many will be bought that’s still unclear. Turkey offered its MKEK 18 tons towed artillery but Bangladesh needs something light to be transported through the existing helicopter by under-sling carrying options. BA also searching for a highly advanced medium range surface-to-air missile system. According to news BA got offer from MBDA Missile System’s for its SAMP/T Aster-30 SAM system, though, it’s not selected yet. Other equipment like Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs), Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFVs), Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs) etc. are also included in the list.

Bangladesh Air Force (BAF) planned to purchase a squadron of 4++ generation fighter jets from reliable origin. Either it could be Russia or China who can provide BAF 4++/4+ generation combat jets. Russia offered Bangladesh its latest MiG-35 fighter jet, but, BAF sought for Su-35S Flanker-E supermaneuverable jet, which is now a combat proven jet. China, on the other hand, offered a squadron of its indigenously designed Chengdu J-10B 4.5th generation fighter aircraft. Bangladesh cautiously examining all of her options. Defense forces selecting their tools one by one keeping all the financial aspects in mind. Hope very soon BAF will announce its new fighter jet option. Until then we shall wait for the news to come.

BOMBING Exercise of Bangladesh Air Force L-39 Albatros (VIDEO)

Bangladesh Air Force Aerial Bombing Training Exercise on Targets with L-39 Albatros Trainer Light Attack Aircraft

Bangladesh Army READY: Deployed Unknown Amount of Troops, an Air & Naval Group Just Near Myanmar To Give Befitting Answer

Bangladesh trying to resolve the Rohingya crisis diplomatically involving major world powers including United Nations, USA, EU, Australia and other regional players

Bangladesh army is ready to handle any security scenario along the myanmar border. Government of Bangladesh insisting world community to resolve Rohingya crisis peacefully hence no parties be suffered.

Bangladesh is peace loving country and Bengali peoples are sacrificing continuously for peace. Bangladesh Armed Forces is the single largest contributor to the world peace by serving in the United Nations Peace Keeping missions.

Although, all this calm nature, people of Bangladesh loves their country above all. To defend country’s sovereignty Bangladesh Army, Navy and Air Force will not hesitate to fight any aggressor. For the reasons Bangladesh AFs are ready in the myanmar border.

Burma provoking Bangladesh for start a war with her. A war with burma right now will completely shadow the Rohingya crisis and give burmese killers sufficient rooms to kill more Rohingya peoples. Western world will just keeps barking on burma and let them to create massive anarchy inside our beloved country. For that reason Bangladesh must act cautiously to overcome the crisis and tensions with burma. We will get huge time to teach burma a lesion in near future. So, war is not an option for Bangladesh right now.

BREAKING: Burmese Spy ARRESTED By Bangladesh Army

Border Guard Bangladesh Arrested Four Burmese Spies in Bandarban District Spying For Information About Bangladesh Army Installations

There in Arakan state of burma Rohingya people facing severe oppression from the burmese military. Large number of them are dead and rest are taking refuge to neighboring Bangladesh. They lost their homes and shelters.

Some of the burmese spies are also entered into Bangladesh along with those Rohingya refugees. But their fate become unlucky this time. Almost half-dozens of those burmese spies has been caught by the Border Guard Bangladesh counter intelligence wing and other security forces.

Four of them were arrested from the hilly Naikhongchori upazilla and Bandarban. They’re Anwar Hossain, Zafor Alam, Azmal Hossain and Kalu Miah. They’re all habitants of maungdaw’s Fakir Bazaar Amtoli in rakhine state.

One of them has been caught from Naikhongchori and three others are from Ghumdhum area.

Another two were caught from the Cox’s Bazaar area near Rohingya refugee camps. They were undercover as journalists. Their names are Minzayar Oo and Hkun Lat. Report says these two burmese spies were caught one week earlier. Jotirmoy bormo has joined as their lawyer but their bail appeal has been rejected by the court.

After primary interrogation all of the burmese spies acknowledged their espionage activities against Bangladesh on behalf of burma military.  They were tasked to collect intel about Bangladesh Army’s troops and weapons deployment in the Chittagong region.

For further interrogation all of them are transferred to the Bandarban district headquarters. Bangladesh security forces wants to know more about burmese spying on Bangladesh.

Already United Nations and other world leaders pressurizing burma for stopping the operation against Rohingya people lives in rakhine state. Successful diplomatic pressure can end this menace by burma. Bangladesh must act cautiously and precisely to deal with burmese authorities.