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In 1972, First WARSHIP Made in Bangladesh

Bangladesh made first warship was Pabna class patrol boats built in 1972 to 1977 timeframe for the Bangladesh Navy
Pabna class patrol crafts was built by the Dockyard & Engineering Works (DEW) Ltd. Naraynagnaj

Pabna class patrol boats was the first ever homemade naval vessel for the Bangladesh Navy. Total five crafts were built in the Dockyard & Engineering Works (DEW) Ltd. Naraynagnaj. After serving for long time in the BD Navy, Pabna class crafts were handed over to the newly formed Bangladesh Coast Guard in 1994.

First boat of the class was launched in the 1972 and last three was launched in the 1977. Pabna class crafts are the small naval ship intended to patrol the riverine water bodies with sufficient speed and maneuverability. The first ship was, dubbed as the BNS Pabna. This class was powered by two Cummins diesel engines. It was 75 feet long, 6.1 wide and 6.2 feet draught. The ship weighs 69 tons while comprising 33 crews.

A Swedish Bofors made 40mm cannon was the only armament of the craft. Currently all the ships are serving in the BCG. New class of patrol boats and crafts has been commissioned into the Bangladesh Navy service, which mainly replaced this class.

WHAT Comes From Bangladesh Air Force COAS ACM Abu Esrar’s Turkey Visit!

Bangladesh Air Force’s Chief of Air Staff ACM Abu Esrar has visited Turkey last week in an official invitation
Bilateral issues regarding training and equipment purchase has held between chief of Bangladesh Air Force and chief of Turkish Air Force

Bangladesh Air Force’s Chief of Air Staff ACM Abu Esrar visited Turkey and met his Turkish counterpart Commander Hassan Kucukakyuz. They discussed various professional matters.

COAS Air Chief Marshal Abu Esrar also met with Turkish Armed Forces Chief of the General Staff General Hulusi Akar and Undersecretary for Defense Industry (SSM) İsmail Demir. COAS ACM Abu Esrar visited Turkish Air Force base and homage tribute to TurAF monument. He also visited various Turkish military aerospace & defense industries. Earlier news came that Bangladesh Air Force interested to buy Turkish attack helicopter TAI T129 ATAK, unmanned aerial vehicle Anka and basic trainer aircraft Hurkus.

Turkey supported Bangladesh’s position in the world forums including United Nations in the Rohingya cases. Myanmar army literally did genocide in the rakhine state against Rohingya peoples. Almost 700,000 Rohingya people fled to Bangladesh from burmese killing operation.  Turkish first lady visited the Rohingya refugee camps in Cox’s Bazaar area two months ago. Turkish government giving large amount of the much needed relief goods and spending money for the Rohingya peoples.

In the wake of such critical situation burmese military junta provoking Bangladesh to jump in a war. Meanwhile Armed Forces Division of Bangladesh conducting much anticipated modernization programs. Bangladesh Air Force evaluating options for the long waited multirole combat aircraft from, mainly, Russia. But the deal got stuck at price tags for the Su-30SME, while Moscow wants BAF to buy some Mig-35 too.

In such development Bangladesh exploring all options and increasing military-diplomacy with friendly nations. COAS ACM Abu Esrar’s Turkey visit is just a part of this.

Bangladesh Army ORDERED SLWH Pegasus 155mm Howitzer Cannon

Bangladesh Army ordered Singapore Technologies Kinetics SLWH Pegasus 15mm Self-Propelled Howitzer Cannon
SLWH Pegasus is air-transportable 155mm heavy howitzer cannon ordered by the Bangladesh Army recently

Bangladesh Army buying SLWH Pegasus 155mm Howitzer Cannon from Singapore.

This is a light-weight, air transportable self-propelled howitzer gun developed for the Singapore Armed Forces.  ST Kinetics manufactures it. Recently Bangladesh Army was searching for air transportable howitzer for last few months. One of the main condition was air transportability of the cannon.

SLWH Pegasus can be carried by the CH-47 Chinook helicopter and C-130 Hercules tactical airlifter to the deployment area. Bangladesh Air Force operating four C-130Hs and two C-130Js are coming soon.

Bangladesh Army wants to ensure massive retaliatory fire power if myanmar do any misfire towards Bangladesh. Or, if any clash emerge in the border with any neighbor Bangladesh needs sufficient firepower to engage the enemy forces.

Such howitzer can fire extended range guided ammunitions at a range of 30km. Normal firing range if about 19km. How many Pegasus guns will be bought it’s not clear right now, but deal has been signed. These guns will give the Bangladesh Army a capability to operate long-range howitzer gun. Previously BA has operated only towed and then in 2014 Nora-B52K has been bought.

SWLH Pegasus has a 28hp engine to move around the location of the battlefield. This is surely an incredible capability for the BA. As most of the area near burmese border isn’t suitable for normal military vehicles to tow such a gun hence this 5.4ton howitzer can move at a speed of 12km/h.

In the coming days, provoking Bangladesh in the border will be hugely costly for the burmese army. Myanmar may face serious sanctions for their genocide against Rohingya minority. Bangladesh also revoking many military equipment deal from china for their active support of burma in the Rohingya case.

Bangladesh Army Buying NEW Light Armored Vehicle (LAV)

Directorate General of Defense Purchase of Bangladesh has issued a tender to buy 4×4 Light Armored Vehicles for the Bangladesh Army
Bangladesh Army standardizing 4×4 Light Armored Vehicles (LAVs) for field deployment in the UNPK Missions

Bangladesh Army going to buy new 4×4 light armored vehicles (LAV) from overseas manufacturers.

A tender has been issued by the Directorate General of Defense Purchase (DGDP), an arm of the Ministry of Defence of Bangladesh, in last 5th of this November. The DGDP asked for the Rquest for Proposal from actual manufacturers from abroad.

These light armored vehicles will 4×4 all-wheel drive. Protection measures shall meet the NATO Standard STANAG-4569 Level 2 and STANAG-4569 Level 2A for various part of the vehicle.

Some of them will be deployed in the United Nations Peace Keeping Missions in those where Bangladesh Army participating currently.

This procurement differs from the earlier one which is the biggest armored vehicle purchasing by the BA comprises almost 600 units worth $1bn in sum.

Still no vendor has been selected, but soon will be. Other specifications includes a Night Vision System for the driver and gunner. A rooftop remote weapons turret should be featured on. Engine capacity will be 20hp/ton. Range is about 500km, and on-road speed is 80km/h where off-road speed should be 25km/h.

Recently Bangladesh plans to equip its army with advanced wheeled armored personnel carriers instead of tracked ones. It’s maybe for the country’s soft terrain where heavy tracked military vehicles faces trouble in terms of mobility.

Bangladesh Navy Set To Manufacture Anti-Ship Missiles In HOME

Bangladesh Navy planning to manufacture anti-ship cruise missiles in home to be fitted in the upcoming High Performance Guided Missile frigates
Naval planners of Bangladesh thinking to setup anti-ship missile producing facility to save limited resources allocated for the Bangladesh Navy

Bangladesh Navy plans to manufacture anti-ship cruise missiles in home.

Naval planners of Bangladesh considering to produce or assemble anti-ship missile domestically to meet the High Performance Frigate program of the navy. Under “Forces Goal – 2030” modernization program Bangladesh Navy (BN) poised to operate more than a dozens of advanced multirole stealth frigates, stealth corvettes and some other missile carrying small warships. Most of the naval ships will be built in home, mean in Bangladesh. Those guided missile frigates will feature a substantial amount of anti-ship cruise missiles.

To save resources and create defense industry opportunities Bangladesh Navy wants to manufacture those missiles in home. For this purpose BN is searching for a suitable option overseas with transfer-of-technology. This program currently is in preliminary planning phase. On the other side of the modernization process Noubahini already tasked Chittagong Dry Dock Ltd. to build first two multirole frigates. First ship’s steel cutting may happen mid of 2018. Hence local assembly of some of the armaments of those warships can be done in Bangladesh.

Currently Bangladesh facing serious troubles from burmese side. Military leaders of burma playing with fire by provoking her neighbor. Burma also violated Bangladesh’s air space near cox’s Bazaar border dozens of times. But Bangladesh showed patience. Burmese military conducting a brutal killing mission against Rohingya minors in the Arakan state (a.k.a. rakhine state). Thousands of Rohingya women raped, children burnt live and more than one hundred Rohingya villages torched. Secretary General of the United Nations termed this act of myanmar military as “text book example” of ethnic cleansing. Almost 700,000 Rohingya fled to Bangladesh to save their lives.

After such heinous crime against humanity war criminals of burmese military trying to destabilize the region by clicking a war with Bangladesh. But the military leaderships in Dhaka decided not to attack burma then but, in future such patience may not work. Burma would get a befitting reply that burmese nation will remember that with utter fear. Preparations are going on. Bangladesh building her own defense industry. Any crisis will be met with great courage and vigor.

Bangladesh Air Force Yak-130: Weapons Load & Role of Light Fighter

BAF has bought Yakovlev Yak-130 trainer – light fighter jets from Russia and these jet trainers also has light fighter capabilities to fight against threats air-to-air, air-to-surface and air-to-ground modes.

To fulfill the needs of an advanced jet trainer requirement of BAF Government of Bangladesh bought 16 Russian Yakovlev built Yak-130 for the country’s air force. This year BAF also ordered 14 more Yak trainer jets.

Yak-130 trainers can mimic all 4++ & 5th generation fighter jets’ cockpit. These jets can also be used as light fighter for low-intensity warfare. Besides training purposes yak advanced jet trainer can carry various types’ weapons loads for light fighter role.

Bangladesh Air Force undergoing modernization program through “Forces Goal — 2030”. Due this modernization plan BAF wants at least 6 x 16 fighter jet squadrons for protection of the country’s skies. As the program started, it needs pilots shall be highly trained and skilled by extensive aerial warfare knowledge. Hence, BAF plans and acquiring more efficient fighter-trainers which can mimic both 4++ & 5th generation stealth fighter jets avionics and cockpit. In this context Yak-130 is the only aircraft, currently, in the world which can be deployed to train pilots for 4.5th and 5th generation combat aircrafts.

It is worth to mention here that Bangladesh Air Force formed two squadron to host 24 Yak-130s. Maybe, one squadron will be deployed for light combat role and another would be dedicated to train pilots. There are also other trainer jets for intermediate flying training of pilots, K-8W Karakorum and L-39ZA Albatros intermediate jet trainers.

Alongside pilot training Yak-130 can also carry 3000 kg of weapons payloads for combat missions. This weapons load includes R-73E IR guided air-to-air missiles, KAB-500Kr TV guided smart bombs, KAB-50, 100, 250 & 500 unguided bombs and one GSh-23L/GSh-301 cannon.

This capabilities of light fighter role of Yak-130 makes it an ideal platform for COIN, AT, asymmetric warfare. And BAF intends to assert this capabilities with Yak-130 jets. As it based on an open architecture software any foreign weapon system can be installed on the Yak-130 with greater ease, which makes sense to BAF as it also deployed Chinese built aerial munitions too.

Despite a recent BAF Yak-130 crash it created a new capabilities which was previously depended on the F-BG & BGIs. In the coming years Bangladesh Air Force will purchase more modern and advanced fighter jets which boost country’s air power in a greater level.

FABULOUS LANDSCAPE: Renovated Training Institute For The Bangladesh Navy

Bangladesh Naval Academy is the country’s sole naval warfare college being renovated with new infrastructures & landscapes
Government of Bangladesh funding the expansion & renovation of the Bangladesh Naval Academy’s new infrastructures

Here’s the 3-D illustration of the Bangladesh Naval Academy

Bangladesh Naval Academy is the training institute of country’s navy. Recently government approved a project to renovate this naval training institution with scores of new infrastructures, charming landscapes and with some other facilities. Here it is a mock up presentation of the whole project.