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Documentary on Bangladesh Boarder Guard Hospital

Border Guard Bangladesh runs a hospital for the force members and their families’ health services. In this specific documentary we will see how they gives their efforts to provide better health services to the respective peoples.

Bangladesh Navy Frigate BNS Somudra Avijan’s Visit to Malaysia and Philippines

Bangladesh Navy’s patrol frigate BNS Somudra Avijan visited Malaysian & Pilipino ports in a friendly gesture.

Myanmar MiliTary’s North Korean ballistic Missiles, Does It Pose A Threat To Bangladesh?

Myanmar army has 11 Hwasong-6 short-range tactical ballistic missiles in its inventory. They bought these weapons system from North Korea somewhere in 90s. Hwasong-6 is a derivative of the Soviet era Scud Short-Range Ballistic Missile (SRBM). Soviet Union sold those to the N. Korean regime in 80s and Pyongyang made their own variant.

Experts belief that as many as 1,000 Hwasong-6 were manufactured and almost half of them were exported to various countries worldwide. Burmese military junta bought 11 of them. These Hwasong-6 missiles won’t give burma a clean chit security but their military would get a sense of security. These missiles poses no greater threat but civilian casualty is a must concern for neighbors. Because rogue burmese military has been accused, even, for its own peoples killing.

World must take a notice of it and get rid of this menace of peace in the region. Myanmar military creating instability in the South Asian region. They’re incapable, rogue, drug smuggling, civilian killer military. They deserve punishment in all the way.

Gentlemen Cadets’ Lifestyle In Bangladesh Military Academy (BMA) Documentary

Bangladesh Military Academy is the main training institute for the training of the officer cadets. Officers of the Bangladesh Army gets their training from BMA. Bangladesh Navy and Bangladesh Air Force cadets also have to participate in a three-month course here for Joint Services Course.

It is located at Bhatiary, in southern port city of Bangladesh, Chittagong.

Myanmar Military ‘Sin Phyu Shin’ Joint Exercises – 2018 [Part-3]

Three armed forces of Myanmar participated in a joint war game to synchronize forces interoperability. Third part of it is here.

Myanmar Conducted Biggest Military Drill [Here’s Part-1]

Myanmar armed forces conducted joint military drill termed as ‘Sin Phyu Shin’. Here is the first part of it.