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WATCHOUT Inida-Myanmar: Bangladesh Air Force Gaining TRUE BVR Capability

BD Air Force started to modernize their existing eight Mig-29 fighter jets to the latest “SMT” variant. This modernization includes new multi-mode multifunctional fire control radar, better performance engine, other advanced avionics and latest weaponry with BVR air-to-air missiles.

Bangladesh Air Force has six single-seat & two twin-seat Mig-29s which were bought from Russia in 2000. Already these fighter jets of BAF has been overhauled two times. These are the most advanced fighter jets Bangladesh has in its advanced combat jet inventory.

On the other side, myanmar air force also proceeding to upgrade their 31 Mig-29s. Currently the relations between Bangladesh and myanmar disrupted severely over Rohingya genocide issues. Myanmar air force helicopters also violated Bangladesh’s airspace several times, though, Dhaka restrained from shooting them down.

As experts saying, if Bangladesh Air Force doesn’t briefly increase their advanced fighter jet number then the country’s airspace could face severe threats from regional hegemonic entity like india and myanmar. Recent news suggests that BAF has ordered 16 Chengdu J-10C fighter jets from China. Those advanced Chinese fighter jets will join BAF within years.

The price of the whole upgradation program hasn’t published but can be assumed it is not tiny. But it is for sure that true BVR capability will boost BAF’s air warfare power. Those fighter jets are currently assigned with the No. 8 Squadron which is based on the Kurmitola Air Base in Dhaka.

Bangladesh Police COMMANDOS: What You Should Know!

Bangladesh Police has several special operations units which are best in the region. Among them Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) and Special Branch (SB) are doing great jobs to minimize and root out crimes. These forces were formed to help the mainstream Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs).

Bangladesh is a vastly populated country and hence security situations changes fast. To maintain peace and stability in the society government established various special opeartions units of Bangladesh Police. Here are a list of those forces.

Special Weapons and Tactics

Rapid Action Battalion

Special Security and Protection Battalion

Special Branch

Crisis Response Team

Quick Response Team

Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime Unit

Anti-terrorist Squad

They usually do the jobs under the Home Ministry’s supervision.

Bangladesh Navy DEADLY Commandos: SWADS/SEALs

There are one prominent naval special operations force in Bangladesh Navy which is called Special Warfare Diving and Salvage (SWADS). Besides, there are two other Spec Ops units also, called Special Boat Service and ODD-71. SWADS are the main naval special warfare branch of Bangladesh Navy.

SWADS been formed under supervision of the U.S. Navy SEALs and accordingly. SWADS’s training as same as Navy SEALs. Their weapons and other gears are also in line with the U.S. SEALs. Bangladesh Navy send their SWADS trainees to the Turkey, South Korea too for training along with U.S. Navy’s Coronado Naval Special Warfare Training Center.

The SWADS are operating in home and abroad to attain the national security goals of Bangladesh. Current strength around 1000-1500 operators. Average drop rate is 95%. Only strong and capable are remains. SWADS can operate almost all types of the weapons available. They’re like shark in the seas, eagle in the skies and leopards in the lands. They’re SEALs.

There are a team for Under Water Demolition known as ODD-71. Not much information are available about the unit but it’s known to the domain of military enthusiast’s network. Special oat Service (SBS) is believed to another Special Forces unit in Bangladesh Navy.

COMMANDOS of Bangladesh Air Force: No. 41 Squadron

Bangladesh Air Force operates a small commando unit called “No. 41 Squadron”. This commando unit was formed to protect country’s air bases, aircrafts and other air force installations and assets.

Besides doing special operations duties members of the No. 41 Squadron can also perform other air force jobs too. In future this unit will grow with a handsome number of members.

DEADLY For Adversaries: Bangladesh Army Para-Commando Brigade

Bangladesh Army Para-commando brigade is the prime special operations force of the country. It is an independent brigade, officially formed 4 September 2016.  Consists of three Para-Commando battalions, 1st Para-Commando Battalion, 2nd Para-Commando Battalion and 3rd    Para-Commando Battalion.

Main duty to deter against any un-conventional security threat to the state. Operational duties includes:

Unconventional warfare




Covert insertions/extractions

Hostage rescue and personnel recovery


Special reconnaissance

Airborne operation

Members of the Bangladesh Army Para-commando brigade are highly trained Spec Ops Force can operate in anywhere in the world. They already conducted various successful missions and assignments against terrorism in home and abroad. This brigade can conduct any combat mission other than war to thwart any aggressor’s invasion. Toughest and sacrificing mindset for country made them invincible.

Bangladeshi Para-commandos can operate almost any types of weapons available. Here is a small list of the weapons they currently been issued with:

Type 56 Assault Rifle

M4 Carbine

Steyr AUG

Glock 17


Accuracy International Arctic Warfare

Dragunov SVD

Type 81 assault rifle

Bangladesh Army Para-commandos have exercised with U.S. Army Special Forces and some others too. This type of joint-training measures greatly enhanced their operational knowledge in different places and with different teams. Which better experience to face any current and future security threats from state/non-state hostilities.

China Launched Third STEALTH Corvette For Bangladesh Navy

China State Shipbuilding Corporation launched the third C-13B Shadhinota-class stealth corvette for Bangladesh Navy. This warship has been derived from the People’s Liberation Army Navy’s Type 056 stealth corvette.

BN currently operating two C-13B corvettes respectively F111 and F112. These ships are littoral combat and patrol vessels. This ship displaces 1,330 tons. BN has a plan to operate such 12-14 warships in future.

TAILOR MADE! Specs of Bangladesh Air Force J-10C

Reportedly, Bangladesh Air Force ordered one squadron of Chengdu J-10C fighter jets from China. As experts suggests, many observe that J-10C incorporated some stealth technology from the J-20 stealth fighter. BAF wants to replace their older F-7BG fleet with 4.5th generation fighters. Initially 16 aircrafts has been ordered, but in future whole fleet of 37 “BGI” will be replaced by this advanced J-10C fighter jets.

In midst of 2017 Bangladesh Air Force issued an international tender to purchase 8 (+40 Medium Range Combat Aircrafts, well known as the MRCA tender. Along with Russian Su-30SME, Mig-35 Chengdu J-10B was a participant. BAF selected Su-30SME as the primary winner, but later the deal has not been signed due high-price tagging from Moscow.

After that, RSK-Mig offered their Mig-35 multipurpose fighter jet to Bangladesh with some sort of transfer-of-technology. Meanwhile, BAF finalized a deal for 16 J-10C fighter jets from China. This “Chinese deal” was included in the $1 billion soft loan Beijing offered to Dhaka to buy china’s military aircraft for the Bangladesh Air Force.

So, that’s why many thinks that this J-10C procurement is different from the MRCA program. Some are calling it as the “MMRCA” program. Anyway, one squadron of the J-10C will greatly enhance BAF’s air power. Dhaka recently stepped in to reply myanmar for their brutal killings of Rohingya Muslims rakhaine state which is also known as the Arakan state.

On the other hand, BAF going to finalize a deal for another squadron of Mig-35 multirole fighters. Bangladesh’s law minister Anisul Haque, who’s also handling defense ministry too, told to the parliament that Bangladesh decided to buy two squadron of advanced 4.5th generation fighter jets. One squadron will be stationed at Dhaka Air Base and another one will be deployed at Cox’s Bazar Forward Air Base.

Surely, BAF will not spare a single opportunity to punish burma for her undeniable crime against humanity. Moreover, myanmar poked Bangladesh by violating the country’s airspaces several times. Assumed by point, very hard times for the myanmar armed forces are coming ahead.