Bangladesh Army Snipers Did WELL Than Indian-Thai Team In Army Games – 2017

Bangladesh Army first participated in the International Army games – 2017 in Kazakhstan. In this event BD Army sent a team of 13 contestant and with support personnel. Bangladeshi team took part in the Sniper Frontier Contest only. Kazakhstan secured the first position. Russia-China jointly won the second position. Bangladesh got seventh position well ahead of Indian and Thai army sniper teams which secured positions respectively 11th and 14th.

International Army Games is reputed military war game in which best of the best comes to contest in their favorite events. Masters of Artillery Fire, Drone Competition and such many events occurs during this military sports. It is a matter of proud for every Bangladeshi.

Army snipers are considered to be one of the most crucial component of any Special Forces operation. Perfectly trained snipers can create a big difference in any battle by hitting desired targets in desired time. And Bangladesh Army raising a unit of battle snipers in the battalion level. This will enhance BD Army’s field operational flexibility to a new level. Army snipers can augment field fire power by clearing the forward enemy posts from sentries and guards.

In Special Operations Forces’ role snipers are mandatory components. Success of any Spec Ops largely depends on the success of the deployed sniper in the vicinity. Sniping is a prestigious job among the forces. Precise sharp hitting capability, sharp observation and ultimate level of patience makes them unstoppable sometimes. Bangladeshi snipers no different from that.


Increased FIREPOWER At Myanmar Border | BD Army Bought BIG Number Of M4 Guns

Bangladesh Army bought a large amount Saab Group’s Carl-Gustaf M4 recoilless gun system from Sweden. This is a combat proven weapons system being fielded by the dozens of armies across the globe. Upgraded M4 gun can fire a really wide range of rounds from anti-tank to anti-bunker shells. This is very light and easy to use portable system which will surely increase Bangladesh Army’s field fire power, especially, in the frontier regions.

Saab AB shows Bangladesh is the newer user of this latest weapons system in their infographic. On the other side, there are many reports emerged few months ago that BD Army going to induct some newer and smarter anti-tank guided missiles, guns and rocket systems from eastern and western European countries.

Now Bangladesh can easily challenge myanmar army in the eastern border of the country. Carl-Gustaf M4 guns of Bangladesh posing a serious threat to the burmese side for sure. If generals of the burmse military junta has any adventurism plans about poking Bangladesh into the border areas then they might have to think 100 times more now!

Why Bangladesh-India Defense Agreement Secretly Done?

In May 11, Bangladesh and india signed an defense agreement. Under this agreement india will finance Bangladesh’s military purchases. Bilateral military training exchange is also a part of this deal. Although, majority of the Bangladeshis are not happy and furious about this agreement Sheikh hasina government which is not elected forcefully done this.

Navies of both countries are also signed an MoU under which indian GRSE and Bangladesh Navy’s Khulna Shipyard will work together but in which project no clue. Many expert saying that this agreement going to bind Bangladesh for indian approval to buy anything for her armed forces. Patriotic Bangladeshis seeing this agreement as a treachery of the current government.

Everyone knows Bangladesh is the 3rd biggest remittance source of india. Bangladesh does not india’s military support for many reasons. One of the biggest reason is “treason”. India’s hegemonic designs against her neighbors are not hidden anymore. Nepal broke out with Delhi for this very hegemonic behavior. India didn’t exchanged any technological investment with any of her neighboring country. So, now, india’s keen eager to help Bangladesh in the military sector is nothing just a bluff.

Does Really Bangladesh Army Gonna Buy LARGE Number of New Tanks

Bangladesh Army evaluating to buy advanced heavy main battle tank and light tanks. Currently there are several options for light tanks, which weighs under 35 tons. Chinese VT-5 is one of the progressive contestant.

On the other hand Russian T-90MS, Chinese VT-4 or MBT-3000 and Ukrainian Oplot-M MBTs are the options for the heavy MBTs.

Bangladesh Army MASSIVELY Increasing Anti-Tank Guided Missile Inventory

Bangladesh Army Signed Deal for New Anti-Tank Weapons.

Several deals has been signed with different eastern European countries for the new anti-tank weapons.  This package includes long-range anti-tank rocket propelled grenade launchers, short-range anti-tank weapons, short-range anti-tank guided missiles and long-range anti-tank guided missiles etc. The number of these systems are large, though, not confirmed.

Still it is not known with which countries Bangladesh Army signed those deals. But it is expected that Ukraine, Serbia, Poland, and other Balkan states are in the list.

Bangladesh Army building a formidable anti-tank weapons inventory. It comprised second and third generation anti-tank guided missiles. Previously the main ATGM was Pakistan made Baktar-Shikan ATGM which is a license built version of the Chinese HJ-8.

Recently Bangladesh buying the most modern and advanced military equipment whether it is a weapons platform or any auxiliary system. It suggests that Dhaka realized the imminent threat from savage burmese army. Burma’s recent killing operation against Rohingya minority in the Arakan state (aka rakhine state) created history’s one of the worst humanitarian crisis in the region. And more than half-a-million Rohingya people has fled to Bangladesh to save their lives from killer myanmar army.

Secretary General of the United Nations has termed burmese atrocities against Rohingya Muslims as the “text-example of ethnic cleansing”. Most of the world leaders condemned burmese activity. But, military junta of myanmar has no shame. They violated Bangladesh’s air space several times to provoke Bangladesh to attack burmese side.

Italy Offered A129 Helicopter to Bangladesh Army

Bangladesh Army getting offer for its Attack Chopper acquisition program from various sources includes Italian Leonardo Company with its A129 International attack helicopter

Bangladesh Army attack helicopter procurement, Leonardo A129 is an option.

Italian defense equipment manufacturer Leonardo Company offered it A129 International attack helicopter to Bangladesh Army. Attack helicopters are modern army’s aerial warfare backbone and Leonardo’s A129 combat helicopter is one of the most sophisticated chopper in its class.

It is a combat proven platform. A129 also dubbed as AW129, sometimes. Italian Army operating 59 of them and deployed worldwide operations. This attack helo can operate in hot desert conditions, cold weather, and tropical humid weather. If Bangladesh Army go for A129 then they can get logistics, training, maintenance and spare supports easily.

To Face Burma’s THREAT!! Bangladesh Army Buying 300KM A-300 Guided Weapons System

Bangladesh Army choose Chinese A-300 precision guided multiple launch rocket system to increase deterrence power

Bangladesh Army choose chinese A-300 guided multiple launch rocket system to buy as the BA needs a new long-range rocket artillery system. For the contract China offered its various models but Bangladesh may only buy China ALIT A-300 GMLRS which is a 300mm rocket artillery system with 290km range.

A-300 GMLRS is very much capable of hitting targets well behind the enemy lines of upto 290km. it is mainly designed to hit large area targets. Bridges, armored corps or large concentration of enemy troops, artillery and air defense batteries, command posts, ammunition depot and other military support facilities.

Recently burmese army’s aggressive maneuvers near Bangladesh’s border in the southern parts of the country rattled the military planners in Dhaka. Bangladesh resorting to increase her artillery firepower to a new height with massiveness. Due to the hilly terrain of the Cox’s Bazaar, Bandarban and Teknaf districts Bangladesh Army needs very nimble, shoot & scoot type MLRS to best suit the needs.

Bangladesh Army and Navy also increasing massive firepower to thwart any burmese misadventure. Still Bangladesh can handle burmese aggressiveness well, rather resort to peaceful manner to maintain stability in the region as it has a greater role to promote peace across the South Asian region.