Mysterious Death Of Jeanette Van Tassel During Bangladesh’s First Manned Flight

First manned flight happened in Bangladesh in 1882. The then Nawab of Dhaka Khwaja Ahsan Ullah arranged the occasion. He invited famous American professional balloonist Jeanette Van Tassel and her mother Jenny Rumary Van Tassel to Dhaka.

Jeanette Van Tassel started with her hot air balloon at 6:20 pm in 16 March, 1882. The plan was to fly from the south bank of the river Buriganga to the roof of the Ahsan Manzil, the palace of the Nawab Ahsan Ullah. But due to gusting wind her balloon missed the targeted landing point of Ahsan Manzil’s roof top. She flew away to the gardens of the Shahbag. There her balloon crashed in a bamboo thicket.


Bangladesh Air Force Dashing Cinematic Promo Video – 2018

Bangladesh Air Force publishes various audio-visuals to highlight the force’s activities. This video is the latest one, in which almost all of the aircrafts of the Bangladesh Air Force has been shown.

Bangladesh Air Force Operating PAKISTAN Made Air Defense Weapons Controller Automation System

Bangladesh Air Force operating Pakistan made Air Defense Systems automation. This C4I Command & Control System has been developed and produced by the Air Weapons Complex (AWC), a subsidiary of the NESCOM, Pakistan.

This automated computer system has integration with all of the air defense assets of Bangladesh Air Force. Likewise all fighter aircrafts, interceptor aircrafts, surveillance & reconnaissance assets, radar stations & surface-to-air missiles systems are integrated within this system.

Until now it is been found that the whole system operates smoothly without any flaws. BAF is satisfied with this system and thanked for.

Bangladesh Air Force Kicked-Off WINTEX-2018 Exercise

Bangladesh Air Force has started Winter Exercise – 2018 or WINTEX-2018 involving all of the air bases and related assets. This exercise is an annual event. Bangladesh Army, Navy and some other paramilitary forces also taking part in the drill to synchronize interoperability.

Bangladesh Armed Forces in UN Peace Support Missions

Bangladesh participating in the United Nations Peace Support Operations since 1988. Along with the three Armed Forces of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Police also actively participating.

There are hundreds of such missions has been successfully completed. Currently almost 6000 soldiers & officers from Bangladesh Army, Navy and Air Force are deployed in 11 UNPKO in 5 countries.

Gentlemen Cadets’ Lifestyle In Bangladesh Military Academy (BMA) Documentary

Bangladesh Military Academy is the main training institute for the training of the officer cadets. Officers of the Bangladesh Army gets their training from BMA. Bangladesh Navy and Bangladesh Air Force cadets also have to participate in a three-month course here for Joint Services Course.

It is located at Bhatiary, in southern port city of Bangladesh, Chittagong.

ISSB Documentary: Being A Military Officer In Bangladesh Armed Forces [English]

Inter-Services Selection Board or the ISSB is the sole institution in Bangladesh who conduct the selection for the new officer recruits for the three Bangladeshi Armed Forces. This educational documentary shows how they do such complex jobs.