Can Myanmar Afford Submarines Right Now?

Some new reports said that Myanmar navy seeking to buy submarines from Russia or China. Many says that purchasing attack submarine would not be a wise step for the Burma navy due to the lacking in the surface combatants.

Myanmar navy purely is a coastal force. They need to improve in the surface warships fleet first. Military fanboys of Burma saying that their naval forces going to acquire old Chinese submarines. Chinese defense technology advanced in the last one decades and there are three to four submarine designs China put for export.

But, no news has been reported in the international military industrial journals yet. Myanmar has a defense budget of $2.4 billion, almost 85% of which goes to the army and the air force. Besides, Myanmar police force needs also includes into this budgetary schemes. And due to the lack of the budget it is not possible for Myanmar to buy one or two submarine right now.

Myanmar needs to modernize its naval forces with credible advanced ships and systems. Older and coastal vessels can’t fit into any naval fight with Bangladesh.


Myanmar Again Prompting Bangladesh To Hit Them Hard, WHY?

Bangladesh and myanmar facing continues tension between them. Recently Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) installed CCTV camera & solar-powered lights on the Tombru-Konabari border in the Bandarban district.

Burmese border guard police urged Bangladesh to remove those instruments from the Bangladeshi part of the border. This arrogance of myanmar created anger among the diplomatic arena of Dhaka.

Myanmar Air Force Documentary [Part 3]

Headquarters of Myanmar air force is in Naipitow, the new capital city of burma. China & Russia is the main aviation supplier of Myanmar. Current Commander-in-Chief of Myanmar Air Force is General Maung Maung Kyaw. This is the third and last part of this documentary.

Bangladesh Navy vs Myanmar Navy 2018 | UNBIASED Power Comparison

In this video we tried to show a comprehensive comparison between the Bangladesh Navy and Myanmar Navy.

Myanmar MiliTary’s North Korean ballistic Missiles, Does It Pose A Threat To Bangladesh?

Myanmar army has 11 Hwasong-6 short-range tactical ballistic missiles in its inventory. They bought these weapons system from North Korea somewhere in 90s. Hwasong-6 is a derivative of the Soviet era Scud Short-Range Ballistic Missile (SRBM). Soviet Union sold those to the N. Korean regime in 80s and Pyongyang made their own variant.

Experts belief that as many as 1,000 Hwasong-6 were manufactured and almost half of them were exported to various countries worldwide. Burmese military junta bought 11 of them. These Hwasong-6 missiles won’t give burma a clean chit security but their military would get a sense of security. These missiles poses no greater threat but civilian casualty is a must concern for neighbors. Because rogue burmese military has been accused, even, for its own peoples killing.

World must take a notice of it and get rid of this menace of peace in the region. Myanmar military creating instability in the South Asian region. They’re incapable, rogue, drug smuggling, civilian killer military. They deserve punishment in all the way.