HOW Powerful Will Be The Bangladesh Military Air Defense Systems?

Bangladesh military operating various point and short range air defense missile systems. Those systems includes several hundred units of anti-aircraft gun systems, man portable air defense systems and short range surface-to-air missiles. Bangladesh Air Force & Army operating Chinese FM-90B SHORADS while Bangladesh Navy deployed FM-90N naval version.

Within this year BAF will complete induction of the Chinese LY-80E medium-range SAM system into active services. After that other armed services will do same. Due to the tensed geopolitical Bangladesh needs to secured its sky from any external threat. Hence network-centric advanced air defense systems are the most effective solution.


Does Really Bangladesh Army Gonna Buy LARGE Number of New Tanks

Bangladesh Army evaluating to buy advanced heavy main battle tank and light tanks. Currently there are several options for light tanks, which weighs under 35 tons. Chinese VT-5 is one of the progressive contestant.

On the other hand Russian T-90MS, Chinese VT-4 or MBT-3000 and Ukrainian Oplot-M MBTs are the options for the heavy MBTs.

Bangladesh Army Dance Video Compilation – 2018 [Part 1]

Soldiers of the Bangladesh Army occasionally arranges various entertainment functions. In those programs they dance, sing and do comedy. Here is the first of the compilation.

Non-Conventional Warfare Training of The Bangladesh Army — 2018

Bangladesh Army updated their training program with the most modern and advanced procedure. To face the 21st century non-conventional security threats BA keep the soldiers upgraded with toughest military training.

BEAUTIFUL Geodesic Dome of Bangladesh Military Academy Complex

Bangabandhu Complex is a key building in the vicinity of the Bangladesh Military Academy (BMA), which featured a geodesic dome.

EVERY Bangladeshi Must Watch This Video

Bangladesh Army’s the East Bengal Regiment Center or EBRC is a soldiers training center. This is the oldest regiment in BD Army.

Here soldiers gets advanced training for modern day land warfare, un-armed combat, character building etc.

Bangladesh Army Riverine Brigade & Tri-Shark Boats

Bangladesh Army formed a Riverine Brigade to enhance force’s operational capabilities in marshlands & rivers. Headquarter of this brigade has been established in Mithamain Upazilla of Kishoreganj district.

BD Army has bought 142 Tri-Shark high speed-boats and several other vessels. Among them two landing craft tank, landing craft utility are local made. Another Type C Command vessel also being built in home for army.