Bangladesh Army Took Delivery of First Batch of Cobra II LAV

Bangladesh Army took delivery of Turkish Otokar made latest Cobra II Light Armored Vehicle.
An unknown number Cobra 2 LAV has been delivered to the Bangladesh Army in last year’s November.


Bangladesh Army Took Delivery of Cobra II LAV.

Cobra is an Otokar development mainly for Turkish Land Forces. Turkey exported it to various other countries too. Latest advanced variant is the Cobra II which includes a variety of vehicles. Bangladesh Army bought Cobra I as well as Cobra II LAV version.

This light armored vehicles (LAVs) has been leased in the United Nations Peace Keeping Missions in Africa. BD Army’s Cobra II LAVs has fitted with a remote weapon station features a 12.7mm machine gun along with automatic grenade launcher. A short range SAM system or ATGMs can also be added in the rooftop of this combat vehicle.

Bangladesh Army ordered this vehicle as a commercial-off-the-shelf order to meet the urgent requirement. Initially 150-200 units has been bought to deploy in the UNPK missions. Later, more units will be ordered to equip the mechanized brigades.

Recently Bangladesh-Turkey defense relations growing than ever. Bangladesh buying military equipment from Turkey in a greater extent. Previously Bangladesh Army & Police bought Cobra I APCs. So later selection of Cobra II LAV was based on previous user experiences. Turkey has a wide range of defense equipment and weapons systems which are latest development and currently being mass produced. Bangladesh can benefitted from Turkey’s defense industries in long term. And, Ankara fully supporting Bangladesh’s stance over myanmar’s Rohingya genocide.

So, it can be assumed that Bangladesh-Turkey military and economic relation will grow by time. We’ll see more defense procurement by Bangladesh from Turkey. Joint-ventures can be formed to lower the development costs and engage both country’s defense industries which will share knowledge.

Ballistic Missiles For Bangladesh Army!

Bangladesh Army developing short-range tactical ballistic missiles in home to ensure national security.
Bangladesh is a peace loving country, though, to safeguard her sovereignty country developing tactical SRBM.

Bangladesh working to develop Short-Range Ballistic Missiles (SRBMs) to safeguard its sovereignty and peace in the region. Military sources claim that the project being proceeded with following all international regulations & laws. As a peace lover nation Bangladeshis has reputation to long serve in the United Nations Peace Keeping Missions abroad. But the Government of Bangladesh decided to have some deterrent power to maintain peace and stability of the country as well as in the region. Some recent regional incidents make Bangladesh Armed Forces to acquire such deterrence capabilities.

Still it is not known the name of the program or any other details about the weapons system. But it’s obvious that Bangladesh needs foreign assistances to make this project successful. The country don’t have any such industrial capabilities in public sector. So, the whole program being conducted under the BOF supervision. The exact range and payloads is completely secret. It’s a strong guess that China helping Bangladesh in the respective sector. For more information we must wait for few more months.

Burma has some decades old North Korean Hwasong-6 short range ballistic missiles. As per Wikipedia burmese army has 6-8 such missile. The CEP of those Hwasong-6 missiles are 500 meter to 1000 meter. But it still can pose a threat to the civilian casualties. Hence, Bangladesh must have her own systems to kill burmese threat. Besides burmese threats Bangladeshi tactical SRBMs will increase country’s deterrent power.

A joint-venture between Bangladesh and China will evade most sanctions and controversy as Bangladesh Armed Forces is a defensive force to ensure country’s sovereignty over any foreign aggression. It’ll also help to maintain peace in the region while myanmar posing a great risk of outbreak an unacceptable war. So, Bangladesh’s decision to make Short-Range Ballistic Missiles is a great initiative.

Bangladesh Air Force BUYING Mi-35M Attack Helicopter

Bangladesh Air Force decided to buy Russian Helicopter’s Mi-35M Hind-E attack helicopters
Bangladesh Air Force finalized a deal to buy Mi-35M Hind-E attack helicopter for direct fire support or close air support to ground force

Bangladesh Air Force decided to buy Russian Mi-35M multipurpose attack helicopter.

Mi-35M is the export version of the Mil Mi-24, is a twin engine attack chopper. It can carry 2400kg of various armaments payload. This variant is equipped with all the latest avionics package. This is a night attack version, featuring night vision systems, electro-optical range finder/targeting system, GLONASS/GPS navigation system, onboard computer, electronic multifunction displays and jam-proof communications equipment for better operational capabilities.

Neither Bangladesh Air Force nor Bangladesh Army currently operate any dedicated attack helicopter. Mi-35M can carry 8 fully geared troops and can conduct medical evacuation missions too. This is a truly multipurpose helicopter. Initially six Mi-35 will be bought for the BAF. The deal yet to be signed.

Bangladesh Army and Bangladesh Air Force needs a dedicated attack helicopter platform as soon as possible. Attack choppers are the main fighting tool against enemy mechanized movements. Currently Bangladesh Army & Air Force operating Russian Mi-171Sh combat support helicopters only. These helicopters has handsome fire power but don’t have the capabilities as an attack helicopter has.

Mi-35M is an upgraded variant of the Mi-35. It has all latest avionics, more efficient combat capabilities, better situational awareness, lesser maintenance. Its multirole mission capabilities will provide dedicated attack, troops transport in the forward bases or conflict zones and will carry wounded soldiers back to the safe position.

Earlier Bangladesh Army expressed their interests to buy Russian Helicopters’ Mi-28NE Night Hunter attack helicopter but no progress has been made. In the same time Turkey, Italy & China offered their attack helicopter models to Bangladesh. However, BA will select the option that best serves the country’s interests.

Bangladesh Army ORDERED SLWH Pegasus 155mm Howitzer Cannon

Bangladesh Army ordered Singapore Technologies Kinetics SLWH Pegasus 15mm Self-Propelled Howitzer Cannon
SLWH Pegasus is air-transportable 155mm heavy howitzer cannon ordered by the Bangladesh Army recently

Bangladesh Army buying SLWH Pegasus 155mm Howitzer Cannon from Singapore.

This is a light-weight, air transportable self-propelled howitzer gun developed for the Singapore Armed Forces.  ST Kinetics manufactures it. Recently Bangladesh Army was searching for air transportable howitzer for last few months. One of the main condition was air transportability of the cannon.

SLWH Pegasus can be carried by the CH-47 Chinook helicopter and C-130 Hercules tactical airlifter to the deployment area. Bangladesh Air Force operating four C-130Hs and two C-130Js are coming soon.

Bangladesh Army wants to ensure massive retaliatory fire power if myanmar do any misfire towards Bangladesh. Or, if any clash emerge in the border with any neighbor Bangladesh needs sufficient firepower to engage the enemy forces.

Such howitzer can fire extended range guided ammunitions at a range of 30km. Normal firing range if about 19km. How many Pegasus guns will be bought it’s not clear right now, but deal has been signed. These guns will give the Bangladesh Army a capability to operate long-range howitzer gun. Previously BA has operated only towed and then in 2014 Nora-B52K has been bought.

SWLH Pegasus has a 28hp engine to move around the location of the battlefield. This is surely an incredible capability for the BA. As most of the area near burmese border isn’t suitable for normal military vehicles to tow such a gun hence this 5.4ton howitzer can move at a speed of 12km/h.

In the coming days, provoking Bangladesh in the border will be hugely costly for the burmese army. Myanmar may face serious sanctions for their genocide against Rohingya minority. Bangladesh also revoking many military equipment deal from china for their active support of burma in the Rohingya case.

Bangladesh Army Buying NEW Light Armored Vehicle (LAV)

Directorate General of Defense Purchase of Bangladesh has issued a tender to buy 4×4 Light Armored Vehicles for the Bangladesh Army
Bangladesh Army standardizing 4×4 Light Armored Vehicles (LAVs) for field deployment in the UNPK Missions

Bangladesh Army going to buy new 4×4 light armored vehicles (LAV) from overseas manufacturers.

A tender has been issued by the Directorate General of Defense Purchase (DGDP), an arm of the Ministry of Defence of Bangladesh, in last 5th of this November. The DGDP asked for the Rquest for Proposal from actual manufacturers from abroad.

These light armored vehicles will 4×4 all-wheel drive. Protection measures shall meet the NATO Standard STANAG-4569 Level 2 and STANAG-4569 Level 2A for various part of the vehicle.

Some of them will be deployed in the United Nations Peace Keeping Missions in those where Bangladesh Army participating currently.

This procurement differs from the earlier one which is the biggest armored vehicle purchasing by the BA comprises almost 600 units worth $1bn in sum.

Still no vendor has been selected, but soon will be. Other specifications includes a Night Vision System for the driver and gunner. A rooftop remote weapons turret should be featured on. Engine capacity will be 20hp/ton. Range is about 500km, and on-road speed is 80km/h where off-road speed should be 25km/h.

Recently Bangladesh plans to equip its army with advanced wheeled armored personnel carriers instead of tracked ones. It’s maybe for the country’s soft terrain where heavy tracked military vehicles faces trouble in terms of mobility.

You BELIEVE It or NOT, Bangladesh Armed Forces Being New Power Player In The Region!

Bangladesh modernizing her defense forces to best serve the country’s interests, and this is a normal phenomenon
Bangladesh Armed Forces pursuing a modernization plan dubbed as the “Forces Goal – 2030” to enhance capabilities

Bangladesh Armed Forces pursuing an extensive modernization process dubbed as the “Forces Goal – 2030”. That’s mean many things will be changed within this time frame to increase Bangladesh’s military strength. Although the plan being implemented, some acquisition programs will depend on the economic condition.

Here the problem is most of the ordinary citizens of Bangladesh doesn’t know how defense procurement process works! We tried to make clear how Government of Bangladesh implementing the upgrade process and how much time it will take. This is just an effort to serve rightful information that Bangladeshis needs to know about their state institutions.

Bangladesh don’t publish about all its weapon systems because of many reasons. Some things should be kept in secrecy, it’s a strategy to astonishing enemy in battle. In the coming years Bangladesh Armed Forces will induct many game changing weapons. Many weapons and weapons platforms are great diplomatic tool which gives the country some leverage to gain favor in negotiating with other states.

Bangladesh must synchronize its efforts to secure her position in the region. To deal Myanmar perfectly we need highly advanced and effective weapons that could destroy Burmese dream of keep poking Bangladesh. So, not all things should be published in the newspapers or television channels.

Bangladesh SWITCHING From China-Russia For Military Equipments: Dhaka Wants To Buy From Turkey

Bangladesh Armed Forces showed keen interest to buy Turkish made defense equipment includes TAI Hurkus basic trainer, TAI T129 ATAK attack helicopter and unmanned aerial vehicles
Bangladesh modernizing its armed forces to meet the challenge of the 21st century security situation hence buying modern defense hardware from various countries including turkey

Bangladesh wants TAI Hurkus basic trainer aircraft, TAI T129 ATAK helicopter and Anka or Bayraktar TB2 UAVs.

Government of Bangladesh interest to buy Turkish manufactured defense hardware. Hurkus is a basic trainer aircraft intended for primary pilot training. Bangladesh Army searching for a suitable attack helicopter option whereas turkey’s T129 ATAK attack helicopter is a contender too. And, Bangladesh wants build a handsome fleet of unmanned aerial systems fleet to better monitor adverse weather conditions as it is a disaster prone country. Drones are effective tool to monitor advance flood situation, SAR missions after cyclone, flood and other natural calamities.

Bangladesh Armed Forces sometimes opts for Turkish defense products as those are cheaper than same western ones. Recently turkey developed some decent military equipment like T129 attack helicopter, TAI Anka unmanned aerial vehicle and many armored combat vehicles. Ministry of Defence wants to increase Bangladesh military strength in new level to ensure country’s national security.

Turkey is a Muslim nation which has the most sophisticated military equipment manufacturing technology. Most of the Turkish defense companies obtained their technologies from the west through joint-venture or bought the whole manufacturing license. Recently Ankara pushed for greater defense exports. And, offering those military toys to other Muslim and friendly countries. They have a wide array of highly advanced defense products ranging from land weapons systems, naval warships and submarines and aerial weapons platforms.

Bangladesh wants to diversify her defense products acquisition sources beyond Russia and China. In regards, Turkey, Pakistan, Indonesia and Egypt could be viable sources. As another Muslim nation Bangladesh could get some ease to buy from them without any obstacles. Hence Bangladesh’s interests in Turkish TAI Hurkus, T129 ATAK attack helicopter, Anka UAV and other defense hardware is a sign of growing military relations between the nations. We hope these relations will grow more and a strong brotherly relation will be sealed forever.