China Launched Third STEALTH Corvette For Bangladesh Navy

China State Shipbuilding Corporation launched the third C-13B Shadhinota-class stealth corvette for Bangladesh Navy. This warship has been derived from the People’s Liberation Army Navy’s Type 056 stealth corvette.

BN currently operating two C-13B corvettes respectively F111 and F112. These ships are littoral combat and patrol vessels. This ship displaces 1,330 tons. BN has a plan to operate such 12-14 warships in future.


EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Bangladesh Navy Mission In Mediterranean Sea

Bangladesh Navy deployed BNS Ali Haider and BNS Nirmul in UN Mission in Lebanon with a good number of navy sailors
Bangladesh Navy has sent its new built warship BNS Nirmul to the UN Observer mission in Lebanon

Bangladesh Navy currently serving a United Nations Peace Keeping Mission in Lebanon. The mission dubbed as United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL). Bangladesh Navy guided missile frigate BNS Ali Haider and large patrol craft BNS Nirmul has been deployed in the Mediterranean Sea as the Lebanon mission. BN is the third navy serving in that area. First BNS Osman and BNS Madhumati was deployed.

BN gaining valuable operational experiences by serving in the UNPK Missions in various parts of the world. Many of them are volatile. By providing in the UN Missions Bangladesh also earning much needed foreign currencies which helping country’s economy.

Bangladesh Army READY: Deployed Unknown Amount of Troops, an Air & Naval Group Just Near Myanmar To Give Befitting Answer

Bangladesh trying to resolve the Rohingya crisis diplomatically involving major world powers including United Nations, USA, EU, Australia and other regional players

Bangladesh army is ready to handle any security scenario along the myanmar border. Government of Bangladesh insisting world community to resolve Rohingya crisis peacefully hence no parties be suffered.

Bangladesh is peace loving country and Bengali peoples are sacrificing continuously for peace. Bangladesh Armed Forces is the single largest contributor to the world peace by serving in the United Nations Peace Keeping missions.

Although, all this calm nature, people of Bangladesh loves their country above all. To defend country’s sovereignty Bangladesh Army, Navy and Air Force will not hesitate to fight any aggressor. For the reasons Bangladesh AFs are ready in the myanmar border.

Burma provoking Bangladesh for start a war with her. A war with burma right now will completely shadow the Rohingya crisis and give burmese killers sufficient rooms to kill more Rohingya peoples. Western world will just keeps barking on burma and let them to create massive anarchy inside our beloved country. For that reason Bangladesh must act cautiously to overcome the crisis and tensions with burma. We will get huge time to teach burma a lesion in near future. So, war is not an option for Bangladesh right now.

Bangladesh Army Aviation Group ordered 1 EADS C-295W Military Transport Aircraft will be delivered in 2017 From Spain

BANGLADESH HAS become the latest nation to acquire the Airbus C295W medium airlifter with an order for a single aircraft for Bangladesh Army Aviation. Airbus Defense and Space announced the contract for the aircraft on October 11.

In transport configuration, it will be delivered in the second half of 2017 under a deal that also includes customer support and training. The C295W is qualified for the transport of troops and bulky/palletized cargo, para-trooping and medical evacuation. It is the first multi-engine fixed-wing aircraft to be operated by Bangladesh Army Aviation.

Airbus Defense and Space’s Head of Marketing and Sales, Jean-Pierre Talamoni said: “The C295W will markedly increase the transport capability of Bangladesh Army Aviation. We look forward to working with this new customer to secure a smooth entry into service and to supporting the aircraft for many years to come.”

With this new order the number of operators for the C295 rises to 26.

Video of Bangladesh Navy Anti-Submarine Warfare: Submarine Killer Rocket of BN

Bangladesh Navy has Type 81 Anti-Submarine Warfare Rocket launchers it its inventory for shallow water ASW role. It is an upgraded version of the Russian RBU-1200 ASW rocket launchers which fires 240/250mm Type 62 rockets from ASW small & medium warships like patrol vessels, fast attack crafts, submarine-chasers and frigates.

Bangladesh Navy uses 250mm rockets and this system is a five-tube launchers and rockets have to be loaded manually. It has a range of 3,200 meters. Features are as below:

• Range: 100 m to 1000 m

• Weight: 195 kg

• Warhead:100 kg

• Caliber: 300 mm

• Length: 1800 mm

• Sink rate: 11.8 m/s

• Maximum depth: 450 m

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Watch on Video: History of Bangladesh Army Aviation Group and Its Current Aircraft-2017

Here you can watch which aircrafts Bangladesh Army Aviation group operates in 2017

Bangladesh Army Aviation Group is the Air Arm of Bangladesh Army. The AAG is responsible for military air operations, such as troops & supply delivery in the conflict zones, search and rescue ops, surveillance, and disaster managements and conducts relief operations during natural calamities etc. After the formation in 1978 it was named Army Aviation Squadron which was named then Army Aviation Wing, as after expansion to the Wing level.

When in 1990 it was expanded to the level of a group strength then it named Army Aviation Group. Civil Aviation Authority, Bangladesh trained its pilots for long time and assists it. For maintenance and related other jobs had been done by the personnel from Bangladesh Air Force. And then the “801 Army aviation maintenance unit” was established and army came up with its own maintenance unit with its own personnel. Currently the AAG has a strength of more than 100 with 30+ well-trained pilots.

Bangladesh Army Aviation Group currently operating almost 20 rotary 7 fixed-winged aircraft includes medium military transport aircraft and modified heavy combat helicopter gunships.

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Video: Why Bangladesh Army Rejected Indian Offer of Training & Arms?

Bangladesh and indian army concluded well their bilateral annual exercise “Sampriti-2016”. After this counter-terrorism exercise indian defense minister Mr. monohor porikar visited Bangladesh amid China’s delivery of the two submarines to the Bangladesh Navy.

Mr. porikar offered military equipment and training to the Bangladesh Army, but top brass of Army decline and said Mr. porikar that Bangladesh doesn’t need indian training and equipment. Because, Bangladesh Army’s “training & evaluation” doctrine is one of the world’s best.

Although, top Bangladeshi officials lauded indian military’s professionalism and wished to maintain good relation between two armies and peoples too. Bangladesh-india shares thousands miles of border and cultural similiraties two. By bonding two nations with goodwill and bilateral developmental works, it can bring very good results for peoples of these two countries.

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