ARMED Drones For Bangladesh Air Force: DGDP Issued RFP to Buy MALE UACV

Bangladesh Air Force issued requests for proposal (RFP) for medium-altitude long-endurance (MALE) unmanned combat aerial system (UCAS)
The RFP issued by the Bangladesh Air Force stated the specifications of the Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles (UCAV) BAF interested to buy


Bangladesh Air Force issued request-for-proposal to purchase Medium-Altitude Long-Range (MALE) unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

Earlier it was believed that BAF will buy Turkish Aerospace Industries made Anka-S UCAV. But new RFP showed up and the procurement has been opened for all parties interested to supply UAV to Bangladesh Air Force.  Technological advancement is the key purpose of inducting military drones into BAF services.

There are various options, mainly from China & Turkey, for armed drones for Bangladesh. Turkey has TAI Anka-S special ISR & combat UAS and Baykar Makina developed Bayraktar TB2Tactical UAV which is missile armed drone. On the other hand, China has much more options. AVIC China has CH-4 & CH-5 armed UAVs which can perform surveillance and combat missions precisely. Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group (CAIG) recently unveiled their most advanced UCAV Wing Loong-2 (Pterodactyl-2), and this is capable to carry a wide array of munitions to perform combat missions.

Now its upto Bangladesh Air Force whether they choose Chinese one or Turkish. But such highly advanced systems will surely enhance BD Air Force’s operational capabilities to a new height. This will also be a true force multiplier.

NEW Development: Bangladesh Air Force Ordered Turkish Anka-S Armed Drone

Bangladesh Air Force reportedly ordered Turkish TAI Anka UAV to build its own unmanned aerial system (UAS) fleet
Bangladesh Air Force earlier expressed intention to acquire Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV) from Turkey while Chief of Air Staff ACM Abu Esrar visited the country

Bangladesh Air Force (BAF) to buy Turkish TAI Anka UAV.

Reportedly BAF ordered Anka-S UAS which is the Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle or UCAV version of the Turkish Aerospace Industries developed Anka ISR drone. BD Air Force forming up their unmanned aerial vehicle fleet. This fleet would comprises both surveillance & combat UAV. BAF wants a true force multiplier to augment force’s real capabilities to ensure national security in all aspect. Turkish Anka unmanned aerial systems has been designed to conduct most critical operations. Anka is manufactured with latest technology and materials.

Earlier in last November Chief Of Air Staff ACM Abu Esrar visited Turkey. He met with Turkish Undersecretary for Defense Industries Ismail Demir and visited several defense industries in Ankara. Before COAS Abu Esrar’s visit to Turkey there were news that Bangladesh Air Force interested to buy Turkish defense equipment including TAI Anka, T129 ATAK attack helicopter and TAI Hurkus basic trainer aircraft.

Bangladesh’s savage neighbor myanmar has bought Chinese CH-3 armed drones in an unknown number. They using it against ethnic minors in rakhine and other states. They also deployed their Chinese UAVs near Bangladeshi borders. In response to burma’s jingoistic gestures Bangladesh is ready to give a befitting reply.

Bangladesh Army & Air Force building impressive war fighting capabilities to face any aggression from her neighbors. Currently BAF inducting Chinese LY-80E MRSAM for air defence. Neither Bangladesh Army nor Bangladesh Air Force operate any combat drone right now. Anka will be the first armed UAV for Bangladesh. And this drone will surely increase the operational capabilities of the Armed Forces of Bangladesh.

5th Generation STEALTH Fighter Jet For Bangladesh Air Force: Which One?

Let’s Learn Fifth Generation Stealth Fighter Jet Best Suits Bangladesh Air Force’s Next Generation Fighter Aircraft Program

Bangladesh Air Force needs to plan about fifth generation stealth fighter jets right now. Many countries around the world going next-generation in aerial warfare. Although, only U.S Air Force and People’s Liberation Army Air Force currently has operational 5th generation fighter aircrafts, almost a dozen of country will have deployed stealth jets within 2025.

Bangladesh Air Force must have a long-term modernization planning, which should include fifth generation fighter aircraft. In the near future BAF can go for Chinese Shenyang developed J-31 stealth fighter jet which also known as FC-31 (export designation).

Another viable option if Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI)’s developing TF-X next generation fighter jet. Introduction of the jet will be in 2023 timeframe. Currently prototype building phase going on in collaboration with British BAE Systems.

Russian Sukhoi Su-57 (PAK FA) can also be a BAF’s choice, and it’s going to be operational within next 2019. Moscow will push it for export after fulfilling Russian Aerospace Force’s needs.

South Korean KAI KF-X may can be an option but it would unwise to say that Bangladesh will go for it. But, in case, any failure to other options (seems not) BAF can consider it.

Bangladesh needs sufficient air power to ensure security of the country’s airspace. Other two branches of Bangladesh Armed Forces, Army & Navy, was unable to give befitting reply to myanmar after its recent genocide of innocent Rohingya Muslims. Burma also violates Bangladesh’s air spaces several times. But army restrained itself from busting burmese military due to the lack of needed air power. Hence, BAF must re-think and take active steps toward fifth generation combat jets.

Bangladesh Army READY: Deployed Unknown Amount of Troops, an Air & Naval Group Just Near Myanmar To Give Befitting Answer

Bangladesh trying to resolve the Rohingya crisis diplomatically involving major world powers including United Nations, USA, EU, Australia and other regional players

Bangladesh army is ready to handle any security scenario along the myanmar border. Government of Bangladesh insisting world community to resolve Rohingya crisis peacefully hence no parties be suffered.

Bangladesh is peace loving country and Bengali peoples are sacrificing continuously for peace. Bangladesh Armed Forces is the single largest contributor to the world peace by serving in the United Nations Peace Keeping missions.

Although, all this calm nature, people of Bangladesh loves their country above all. To defend country’s sovereignty Bangladesh Army, Navy and Air Force will not hesitate to fight any aggressor. For the reasons Bangladesh AFs are ready in the myanmar border.

Burma provoking Bangladesh for start a war with her. A war with burma right now will completely shadow the Rohingya crisis and give burmese killers sufficient rooms to kill more Rohingya peoples. Western world will just keeps barking on burma and let them to create massive anarchy inside our beloved country. For that reason Bangladesh must act cautiously to overcome the crisis and tensions with burma. We will get huge time to teach burma a lesion in near future. So, war is not an option for Bangladesh right now.

BREAKING: Burmese Spy ARRESTED By Bangladesh Army

Border Guard Bangladesh Arrested Four Burmese Spies in Bandarban District Spying For Information About Bangladesh Army Installations

There in Arakan state of burma Rohingya people facing severe oppression from the burmese military. Large number of them are dead and rest are taking refuge to neighboring Bangladesh. They lost their homes and shelters.

Some of the burmese spies are also entered into Bangladesh along with those Rohingya refugees. But their fate become unlucky this time. Almost half-dozens of those burmese spies has been caught by the Border Guard Bangladesh counter intelligence wing and other security forces.

Four of them were arrested from the hilly Naikhongchori upazilla and Bandarban. They’re Anwar Hossain, Zafor Alam, Azmal Hossain and Kalu Miah. They’re all habitants of maungdaw’s Fakir Bazaar Amtoli in rakhine state.

One of them has been caught from Naikhongchori and three others are from Ghumdhum area.

Another two were caught from the Cox’s Bazaar area near Rohingya refugee camps. They were undercover as journalists. Their names are Minzayar Oo and Hkun Lat. Report says these two burmese spies were caught one week earlier. Jotirmoy bormo has joined as their lawyer but their bail appeal has been rejected by the court.

After primary interrogation all of the burmese spies acknowledged their espionage activities against Bangladesh on behalf of burma military.  They were tasked to collect intel about Bangladesh Army’s troops and weapons deployment in the Chittagong region.

For further interrogation all of them are transferred to the Bandarban district headquarters. Bangladesh security forces wants to know more about burmese spying on Bangladesh.

Already United Nations and other world leaders pressurizing burma for stopping the operation against Rohingya people lives in rakhine state. Successful diplomatic pressure can end this menace by burma. Bangladesh must act cautiously and precisely to deal with burmese authorities.

Who Giving WEAPONS to Burma: Review of myanmar army Arms Suppliers

World community urged israel-india not to sell weapons to burma but both countries ignoring burma’s war crimes against innocent Rohingya People.

Burma’s main weapons and military equipment supplier is China. India and Israel are positioned at, respectively, second & third. Peace loving world community urged to these countries not to sell weapons to burmese army. United States, Australia and European Union countries don’t sell military equipment to myanmar army.

Except china, india and Israel others like Russia, North Korea, Japan, Pakistan also sold weapons & military equipment to burmese military junta in the past few years.

China selling fighter jets, military transport aircrafts, warships, missiles, artillery guns, main battle tanks, small and medium weapons, electronic surveillance equipment etc. China also provides some military technologies to burmese army. North Korea provides hwosung short range ballistic missiles.

India sold light tank, artillery cannon, military helicopters, rifles and some other small weapons regularly. New delhi also maintain a close military tie with myanmar military junta.

Israel continuously supporting burmese military’s upgradation processes by modernizing burmese air force’s obsolete F-7 fighter jets, sold light weapons, electronic equipment, night vision systems, small gunboats, main battle tanks, and like other military hardware.

On the other hand Russia also doing good business with Yangon. Moscow sold fighter jets, tanks, armored personnel carriers, transport helicopters, attack helicopters, assault rifles, aerial weapons, and many other equipment.

Burma’s recent crimes of ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Peoples created world anger against them. United Nation’s secretary general urged burmese authority to stop atrocities against Muslim Rohingya Peoples in Arakan which is now renamed to rakhine state.

Due to burma’s ethnic cleansing operation against Rohingyas, a huge flow of refugees towards Bangladesh attracted world media eyes. Humanitarian crisis evolving every hour as there’s scarcity of food, medicines for injured and shelters.   World community must end this horrible operation of burmese army against these innocent poor Rohingya peoples. Otherwise a minority will be erased from their own soil and a long-term refugee crisis will be created.