How Bangladesh Navy Will Protect Country’s Territorial SEA?

Bangladesh Navy is the naval warfare branch of the country tasked to protect Bangladesh’s interests in the territorial & exclusive economic water bodies. Mainly operating in the Bay of Bengal. Currently this force transforming into a three-dimensional naval force in the region.

BD Navy also tasked to protect the EEZ of Bangladesh in the Bay of Bengal from all types of threats that could hamper our economic and military interests. New warships, submarines, aircrafts for various naval application are being inducted.

Bangladesh’s main trading shipping lines goes through this highly important sea. BN has a great plan to enhance strategic capabilities to respond any internal and external threats quickly. Naval special operations forces has been formed with the needs keep in mind. Indigenous shipbuilding industry growing according to the navy’s needs.

Bangladesh Navy executing a modernization program actively. Under modernization plan dozens of warships will be built in home and will be acquired from overseas with all the latest naval weaponry. New generation of maritime patrol aircrafts are also in pipeline.

Any regional hegemonic party will face a formidable navy from Bangladesh within few years. It also established units to fight terrorism, human & drug trafficking, illegal fishing, maintaining security of the merchant ships and all others.

As it happening, within 2030 Bangladesh Navy will be the second largest navy in the South Asia region second to Indian navy.  And one of the most sophisticated and powerful in Asia. Bangladesh’s current main foe is the myanmar navy and indian navy is a possible mighty adversary. BN modernizing its force capabilities accordingly.


Bangladesh Navy vs Myanmar Navy 2018 | UNBIASED Power Comparison

In this video we tried to show a comprehensive comparison between the Bangladesh Navy and Myanmar Navy.

Myanmar Conducted Biggest Military Drill [Here’s Part-1]

Myanmar armed forces conducted joint military drill termed as ‘Sin Phyu Shin’. Here is the first part of it.

Myanmar Paying The Price

Myanmar Air Force ordered six Russian Su-30 fighter jets, announcement came during General Shoigu’s visit there. Along with these combat aircrafts, burmese military will also procure some more equipment from Moscow. $200 million has been allotted to buy six Su-30. As per the total price mentioned each of the Sukhoi will costs around $34 million.

But, there’s no information about the exact variant of the myanmar air force’s Su-30s. The latest variant that Bangladesh Air Force wanted to buy is the “Su-30SME” which will cost around $60 million. And, except indian air force’s Su-30MKI other variants are not in production. So, definitely Russia will export their grounded baseline Sukhoi-30 to myanmar.

Previously, Moscow exported grounded indian Su-30MKIs to the Angolan Air Force. Those were upgraded in Russia. As the latest variants are much expensive platform so burma surely buying older ones. Not the latest Su-30SME variant.

Bangladesh Air Force was mainly inactive during last 20 years. During this timeframe no modern, advanced fighter jet were been procured. Some Chinese vintage design F-7s were purchased as the stop gap solution. To replace and expand the force under Forces Goal – 2030 BAF float a tender for eight Multirole Combat Aircrafts. But the RFP was intended towards Russia only. Su-30SME was been selected by the BAF Chief. And, hence, Moscow took the full advantage of it and demanded very high price for each jet.

After high price tag from Russia, BAF gone backfoot and re-issued the tender. Again, Russia, offered their newest option Mig-35. But, Bangladesh Air Force wants either Su-30SME or Su-35! But, Moscow wants Bangladesh to buy their Mig-35. BAF wasn’t ready to face such situation. Due to Moscow’s rigidness regarding price BAF compelled to opt for Mig-35, about which negotiations going on now. Hoping an announcement will come soon, if not, then at least some noise will let us know about it. And, only then, myanmar air force’s Su-30 will be countered well.

Myanmar (Burma) Must Re-Think Invading Chittagong of Bangladesh

How powerful Bangladesh Air Force’s Mi35M is will be!

Earlier BAF planned to buy six Russian Helicopters Mi-35M multipurpose attack helicopters. Currently there’s no dedicated attack choppers not in the Bangladesh Air Force or Bangladesh Army. This will be the first.

Here we analyzed about the Mi-35M’s combat payloads and other operational capabilities. This helicopter can carry 2400 kg external weight with under-fuselage sling. It can also carry 8 fully geared troops as well as can operate medical evacuation missions.

ARMED Drones For Bangladesh Air Force: DGDP Issued RFP to Buy MALE UACV

Bangladesh Air Force issued requests for proposal (RFP) for medium-altitude long-endurance (MALE) unmanned combat aerial system (UCAS)
The RFP issued by the Bangladesh Air Force stated the specifications of the Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles (UCAV) BAF interested to buy

Bangladesh Air Force issued request-for-proposal to purchase Medium-Altitude Long-Range (MALE) unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

Earlier it was believed that BAF will buy Turkish Aerospace Industries made Anka-S UCAV. But new RFP showed up and the procurement has been opened for all parties interested to supply UAV to Bangladesh Air Force.  Technological advancement is the key purpose of inducting military drones into BAF services.

There are various options, mainly from China & Turkey, for armed drones for Bangladesh. Turkey has TAI Anka-S special ISR & combat UAS and Baykar Makina developed Bayraktar TB2Tactical UAV which is missile armed drone. On the other hand, China has much more options. AVIC China has CH-4 & CH-5 armed UAVs which can perform surveillance and combat missions precisely. Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group (CAIG) recently unveiled their most advanced UCAV Wing Loong-2 (Pterodactyl-2), and this is capable to carry a wide array of munitions to perform combat missions.

Now its upto Bangladesh Air Force whether they choose Chinese one or Turkish. But such highly advanced systems will surely enhance BD Air Force’s operational capabilities to a new height. This will also be a true force multiplier.