Impressive Documentary on Bangabandhu Satellite

Bangabandhu Satellite was planned by the Government of Bangladesh to reduce dependency on foreign satellite leasing. Thales Alenia Space designed & manufactured this communications satellite. This satellite will save around $14 million yearly. BS-1 will be operated by the Bangladesh Communication Satellite Company Limited.


You Should Learn 15 Interesting Facts About Bangladesh’s Latest Satellite

Bangabandhu Satellite – 1 is the first of its kind in Bangladesh. Franco-Italian Thales Alenia Space designed & manufactured this geostationary communications satellite for the Bangladesh Communication Satellite Company Limited.

The BS-1 will be located at 119.1° East longitude geostationary slot. The lifespan of the BS-1 is about 15 years. This communication satellite will carry 40 transponders – 26 Ku-band & 14 C-band. Among those 40 transponders Bangladesh will use 20 and rest 20 will be leased to other parties for revenue.

In the first week of this April the Bangabandhu Satellite – 1 will be launched from the United States’ Cape Canaveral Space Launching Facilities. One SpaceX Falcon-9 Block-5 SLV will carry the BS-1 to the slotted orbit.

Two Ground Control Station has been established, one in Gazipur and another backup GCS in Rangamati district. Currently Bangladesh spend $14 million to lease foreign satellites to meet the needs. This amount of money will be well saved, moreover Dhaka will earn some hard cash by leasing the Bangabandhu Satellite. This is great leap forward for the Bangladesh’s digitalization.

JEAN KAY: Man Who Hijacked Plane for Bangladesh

Jean Kay was a French citizen who acted to help Bangladeshi refugees during 1971 Independence War of Bangladesh. He then in 3rd December hijacked the Pakistan International Flight PK-712 and argued the French Government to send medicines & other reliefs goods for Bangladeshis suffering due to the war.

Pompidou administration of the then France agreed and sent those relief support for the peoples of Bangladesh, but arrested Jean Kay. After a long trial process this hero was been released of all charges on humanitarian ground in 1973. Here is the brief story of that event.

Animation of Dhaka Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) Project

Government of Bangladesh initiated the construction of the Dhaka Bus Rapid Transport to reduce the heavy traffic jam situation in the city.  Italian & Thai joint venture ItalThai Group has been awarded the construction contract.

Initial phase of the project has been started. This BRT Line -3 phase consists building of the Elevated Expressway from Gazipur to the Airport Road in Uttara.

FIRST In South Asia: BIGGEST Underwater Tunneling Machine of Bangladesh

Chinese Tianhe Mechanical Equipment Manufacturing Company Ltd. built an ultra-large underwater tunnel boring machine for Bangladesh. This tunneling machine will be used to bore the Karnaphuli River Tunnel in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Currently it is being assembled in Jiansu, China which will be shipped to the country in next May.

Government of Bangladesh awarded the contract to build the tunnel road to the China Communication Construction Company Ltd. Within the next august main boring activities will start. And completion time for the tunnel has been settled as 2022.

Documentary on Bangladesh Boarder Guard Hospital

Border Guard Bangladesh runs a hospital for the force members and their families’ health services. In this specific documentary we will see how they gives their efforts to provide better health services to the respective peoples.