3 Decades of Sacrifice of The Bangladesh Armed Forces In UN Peace Keeping Missions | UN Peacekeepers Day

UN International Day of Peace is dedicated to those peacekeepers who are continuously giving their efforts to ensure peace and stability in the world’s most chaotic regions. Bangladesh Armed Forces serving in the United Nations Peace Keeping Operations for 30+ years.

First, in 1988 observer groups of Bangladeshi military personnel was deployed in UNIMOG & UNTAG, respectively in Iraq and Namibia. And then, after these three decades more than 83 thousands personnel served in 54+ UNPKO missions in 40+ countries.

In this “International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers-2018” UN thanked Bangladesh for their contribution in the UN PSOs. Currently more than 6 thousand Bangladeshi soldiers & officers from all branches of the armed forces are serving in the 11 UN Peace Support Operations in five countries.


Author: Defense Update Bangladesh

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