Bangladesh Military Industries: HOW Many Manufacturing Facilities Bangladesh Has?

Bangladesh Army, Navy & Air Force has started historic steps to establish a defense industry sector in country to reduce foreign imports & save hard earned foreign currencies


Bangladesh has a little industrial base for defense equipment manufacturing and assembly. It comprises mostly land systems, small arms, and naval ships. An aviation center has been established but not going further than overhauling, maintenance and repair.

Bangladesh Ordnance Factories, Bangladesh Machine Tools Factories, Dockyard & Engineering Works Limited, Khulna Shipyard Limited, Chittagong Dry Dock Limited and Banghabandhu Aeronautical Center are the only entities in the defense sector.

Government of Bangladesh trying to expand this sector to create more jobs, saving hard earned foreign currencies and ultimately to enhance armed forces’ capabilities to maintain national security.

Indian SUBMARINEs & Burmese WARSHIPS Be Aware, Bangladesh Navy Buying C295 AMPA (With Marte-MK2N Missiles)

Bangladesh Navy to buy Airbus Defense CASA C295 Armed MPA aircraft for anti-submarine warfare missions

Reportedly Bangladesh Navy (BN) going to buy Airbus C295 Armed Maritime Patrol Aircraft for Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) and Anti-Surface Warfare (ASuW) missions. Previously Bangladesh Army bought one C295W tactical transport version. Recently published news showed that BN has selected Leonardo SeaSpray AESA for its two upcoming Dornier Do-228NG MPAs.

C295 AMPA is a multirole ASW and maritime surveillance aircraft builds Airbus Defense & Space. Spanish CASA (now is a part of Airbus) manufactures it. This armed maritime aircraft has six hardpoints under its wing, which can carry anti-ship missiles and torpedoes. C295 can engage both surface warships and submarines. It has a pretty good range to monitor the seas. How many Bangladesh Navy would buy it’s not clear now.

Bangladesh Army and Bangladesh Navy both are working jointly to make sure the security of the country’s coastal areas from any aggressor’s misadventures. Especially from burma. Burma’s recent airspace violations were heinous act of aggression. Due to the lacking of the Bangladesh Air Force’s air power, Bangladesh Army restrained from teaching myanmar a very hard lesson that would burma’s next generation would remember with fear.

Due to burma’s recent show of aggressive postures, Bangladesh decided to buildup massive military power to thwart burmese bad dreams. This C295 AMPA has a very good reputation for its long term of service. It is a reliable platform. C295 can carry a variety of weapons includes MBDA Marte-MK2N anti-ship missiles, heavy torpedoes, mines. Any surface warship or submarine of enemy forces must be count thousand times to enter Bangladesh’s territorial water bodies.

Besides AMPA Bangladesh Navy buying two more advanced Chinese attack submarines. More small navy vessels are going to be inducted within next two years alongside large displacement surface warships. By these acquisitions, Bangladesh Navy would be South Asia’s second biggest naval force and one of the largest in Asia.

HOW Many Weapons Bangladesh Navy SWADS Can Operate?

Bangladesh Navy Special Operations Force SWADS gets training of almost all types of weapons available

Special Warfare Diving And Salvage (SWADS) is the elite commando unit of Bangladesh Navy. SWADS receives various training from USA, South Korea & Turkey. SWADS operating dozens of special warfare small arms, assault rifles, sniper weapons systems, grenade launchers etc. Every SWADS member have to get trained almost all those weapons.

Here is a short list of the weapons SWADS members operating currently:

Colt M4A1 SOPMOD: primary weapon of SWADS

Daewoo K2 assault rifle

Type 56 assault rifle

BD-08 assault rifle

M24 Sniper Weapon System

Heckler & Koch HK416 Squad automatic weapon

M16 assault rifle

M203 grenade launcher

MK 19 automatic grenade launcher

Heckler & Koch MP5 9mm submachine gun

Close Quarter Battle Receiver (CQBR) Carbine, used by SEAL operatives only;

Accuracy International AS50 Sniper Weapon System

Besides these there are some other arms too SWADS can operate if needed.

Bangladesh Navy (BN) SWADS is one of the deadly naval special operations forces around the world. SWADS formation, training and operational styles are as same as U.S. Navy SEALs. Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training of BN SWADS happened in U.S. Navy’s Naval Special Warfare Center in Coronado. Average drop rate of SWADS trainee is 95%.

BN also send their SWADS operator for training in Turkey where Turkish Navy’s SAS-SAT trainers trains the further to make them lethal naval commando. Turkish Naval Forces and Bangladesh Navy enjoying brotherly relations due to their warm military historical relations. Turkey also can be a supplier of Spec Ops equipment for BN SWADS.

On the other hand, South Korean UDT/SEAL is also a US Navy SEAL trained special force, who’re too, providing training and weapons for BN SWADS. UDT/SEAL has a very rigorous training process. And, South Korea have developed various Spec Ops Forces equipment for their UDT/SEAL which can be very useful by Bangladeshi SEALs. Among them Daewoo K2 assault rifle is in current SWADS inventory.

FEARSOME SpecOps Force of Bangladesh — BD Navy SWADS/SEALs

Bangladesh Navy SWADS/SEALs are trained by the U.S. Navy SEALs instructors and also got training from Turkey & South Korea

Bangladesh Navy started to form its special warfare team SWADS (Special Warfare Diving And Salvage) in later of the last decade with the direct help of U.S. Navy SEALs. The then U.S. Ambassador Dan Mozena actively helped a lot. Formation and training process started in 2008 by the USN SEALs and in 2009 raising of the SWADS team has been announced with 150 naval commandos and 200 divers.

Since then the SWADS teams growing. Screening and training processes are as US Navy Naval Special Warfare Center’s guidelines. Besides United States, Turkey & South Korea also assisting Bangladesh Navy in training of SWADS members.

SWADS’ main tasks are special reconnaissance, direct action, foreign internal defense & unconventional warfare; meanwhile anti-piracy, counter insurgency, counter narcotics, counter terrorism. Covert insertions/extractions. Hostage rescue and personnel recovery. Hydro-graphic reconnaissance, intelligence gathering, raid & underwater demolition jobs also been done by them.

Size of the SWADS is classified though experts believe that BN has almost 1000 of SWADS/SEALs. Their base is called “BNS Nirvik” located in the port city Chittagong.

US Navy helped in forming and training of naval special warfare commandos for many countries around the world. Bangladesh increased their defense relations with the United States Military to boost security of the country and maintain stability in the region. Formation of SWADS was something must needed for Bangladesh Navy as the country facing increasing security threats from various unconventional security scenarios.

WHY: Bangladesh Army Buying Land Based C-802A Anti-Ship Missiles System?

Bangladesh Army buying Chinese C-802A Anti-Ship Coastal Missile Defense System to protect country’s shoreline.

Bangladesh Army going to buy Chinese C-802A land based anti-ship missile system to secure mainland. Senabahini sought to work together with Bangladesh Navy to protect the country and her interests. Bangladesh Army always keeping country’s security top of all concerns.

Bangladesh Navy already deployed C-802 AShMs in various surface warships. Besides C-802 Bangladesh also has an inventory of C-704 and Otomat Mk.II anti-ship missiles. For anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare Bangladesh Navy will get two Leonardo AW159 Wildcat ASW/ASuW helicopters end of this year and hoping to order more 10 examples.

Recent Bangladeshi airspace violations by burmese army provokes anger among the nation but government and higher military leadership restrained from retaliation regarding stability causes in the region. Bangladesh is a peace loving country and don’t want war, though, Army wants to be fully prepared for any future situation. Primary threats could be burmese navy’s surface ships for which Bangladesh Army buying these land based anti-ship missile systems.

These missile capability will give Bangladesh some deterrence against regional navies. Bangladesh has a vast territorial water body to be completely protected from invaders or pirates. As burma showing jingoistic attitudes, Bangladesh has no way rather being ready for befitting reply to yangoon. Hope this new weapons platform acquisition of Bangladesh Army will be faster and smooth.