When Bangladesh DEFEATED Indian BSF In Sylhet Border

Bangladesh and india has several disputes over the areas near border. Those unsolved border issues sometimes led the forces of two countries into clashes. Border Guard Bangladesh and border security force of india had engaged in various disputes over the issues in past. It was a victory for Bangladeshis.

Indian Border Security Force (BSF) illegally occupied and made a camp in a piece of 230 acres of land in the Pirdyah village in Sylhet district. Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) which is now Border Guard Bangladesh, asked indian BSF to leave the area. But BSF did not leave and chose to fight. BDR then decided to fight BSF.

After a short clash BSF was been defeated and the 10 kilometer road BSF built inside Bangladeshi territory was forced to break again by the jawans of the indian border security force.


COMMANDO Units From Bangladesh Armed Forces Participated In The EFES-2018 Military Exercises

Bangladesh Armed Forces participated in the EFES-2018 international military exercise organized by the Turkish Military. This time more than 24 countries attended the live fire massive war game. Most of the Muslim countries and other NATO allies included in the combined exercise.

Bangladesh Army Paracommando Battalion and Bangladesh Navy SWADS were the participating units. Turkish Navy SAS-SAT helped to form and train Bangladesh Navy special force SWADS. There are very long-history between these two brotherly nation from the Ottoman era.

Turkey recently unequivocally supported Dhaka’s stance on Rohingya issues. Ankara provided financial and other support to Bangladesh to handle huge influx of Rohingya peoples fled from myanmar military’s genocide. According to the sources there are more bilateral military programs going to be help between Bangladesh and Turkey in the coming years.

The form the cooperation between them will be in the military technological sector and exchange of the training programs.

What ARMAMENTS Upgrades China Provided To The Bangladesh Navy Submarines??

Bangladesh Navy currently operating two modified Chinese Ming-class attack submarines. Bangladesh bought those submarines off-the-shelf from People’s Liberation Army Navy’s active fleet. China modernized those boats with possible most advanced sensors and armaments.

These two Ming-class submarines are armed with Yu-4 heavy torpedo and naval mines. BNS Nabajatra and BNS Joyjatra are currently deployed to deter any enemy surface fleet, invading country’s territorial water bodies.

BIG QUESTION: Are Bangladesh Air Force BUYING Pakistani JF-17 Thunder Jets??

Bangladesh Air Force drifting from the Russian 4.5th generation fighter jets for its MRCA program. Recently a team of experts from the Bangladesh Aeronautical Complex (BAC) visited the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex. They inspected manufacturing processes of the JF-17 Thunder block-3 fighter jets.

Reports suggesting that the BAF will go for the single-engine multirole fighter jets for its next acquisition. United Aircraft Corporation which owns the Su-35 Super Flanker has asked for a very price for the jet. And Moscow also conditioned Bangladesh to buy their newer Mig-35 medium fighter jets along with it.

Russia did not give any stingy condition to Indonesian or Chinese party to buy their Su-35s, but it played nasty games with the Bangladesh Air Force. It is high time for BAF to acquire some most advanced fighter jet to keep country’s sky safe. Initially BAF floated a tender to buy 8 multirole combat aircrafts (MRCA), specification directing Russian manufacturers. Which strategy later came out worst?

Now, as Moscow played bad with BAF and new fighter jet acquisition programs stalled, Bangladesh looking to Pakistan and sought help. Dhaka has an ambitious plan to build her next fighter jets at home. Hence Bangladesh Aeronautical Complex (BAC) has been established. Now, only time will say what will happen to the BAF MRCA program! We’ll keeping our readers updated on the matter.

A Glimpse on ADCANCED Facilities of The Bangladesh Naval Accademy Complex

Bangladesh Naval Academy is the main training facilities for the newly recruited naval officers & enlistments. This is a world-class naval warfare training. A new building complex has been established in the academy premises, which has been inaugurated by the Prime Minister sheikh hasina herself.

This most advanced military training facility will host foreign naval trainee officers apart from Bangladeshi cadets. Almost all types facilities included within this complex such modern indoor games facilities, gymnasium, dine, dormitory, library, auditorium etc.

As Bangladesh Navy expanding its manpower it needs to cope up with the most modern naval warfare training regime for the recruits. Likewise advanced training facility is also a must needed factor. Government of Bangladesh investing not only advanced warships but also modernizing training facilities too.

SHOCKING! Bangladesh Air Force NOT Buying Mig-35!!

Bangladesh Air Force not buying Mig-35! It is a shocking, though, not surprising as Russia demanded unnatural prices. Firstly Moscow offered Bangladesh their Su-30SME the new variant of the Su-30 family. Then they asked for a price that is usually very high from others they got.

After that BAF opt for Su-35 and again, Russia played its price card and asked BAF to buy their Mig-35 along with it. If Bangladesh don’t buy Mig-35 then Russia said they’ll not sell Su-35 to Dhaka. Under this circumstance, MRCA program stalled. After long negotiation process Bangladesh opt out Russian jets and seeking a single-engine multirole fighter jet from somewhere else.

Why Bangladesh-India Defense Agreement Secretly Done?

In May 11, Bangladesh and india signed an defense agreement. Under this agreement india will finance Bangladesh’s military purchases. Bilateral military training exchange is also a part of this deal. Although, majority of the Bangladeshis are not happy and furious about this agreement Sheikh hasina government which is not elected forcefully done this.

Navies of both countries are also signed an MoU under which indian GRSE and Bangladesh Navy’s Khulna Shipyard will work together but in which project no clue. Many expert saying that this agreement going to bind Bangladesh for indian approval to buy anything for her armed forces. Patriotic Bangladeshis seeing this agreement as a treachery of the current government.

Everyone knows Bangladesh is the 3rd biggest remittance source of india. Bangladesh does not india’s military support for many reasons. One of the biggest reason is “treason”. India’s hegemonic designs against her neighbors are not hidden anymore. Nepal broke out with Delhi for this very hegemonic behavior. India didn’t exchanged any technological investment with any of her neighboring country. So, now, india’s keen eager to help Bangladesh in the military sector is nothing just a bluff.