Can Myanmar Afford Submarines Right Now?

Some new reports said that Myanmar navy seeking to buy submarines from Russia or China. Many says that purchasing attack submarine would not be a wise step for the Burma navy due to the lacking in the surface combatants.

Myanmar navy purely is a coastal force. They need to improve in the surface warships fleet first. Military fanboys of Burma saying that their naval forces going to acquire old Chinese submarines. Chinese defense technology advanced in the last one decades and there are three to four submarine designs China put for export.

But, no news has been reported in the international military industrial journals yet. Myanmar has a defense budget of $2.4 billion, almost 85% of which goes to the army and the air force. Besides, Myanmar police force needs also includes into this budgetary schemes. And due to the lack of the budget it is not possible for Myanmar to buy one or two submarine right now.

Myanmar needs to modernize its naval forces with credible advanced ships and systems. Older and coastal vessels can’t fit into any naval fight with Bangladesh.


How Bangladesh Army Trains Their War Dogs?

Bangladesh Army and other armed force branches along with the paramilitary forces commissioned highly trained war dogs. Most of the trained dogs being used in the customs, police and RAB forces. But simultaneously, Bangladesh Army raised a squad of the war dogs trained in the country by the local instructors.

These dogs are intelligent, skilled and loyal to their masters in the battle field. BD Army has a detailed regime to train them with the most advanced tactics. Mostly these dog squads are composed of the German Shepherds, trained in the Special Forces training centers.

Bangladesh Army Snipers Did WELL Than Indian-Thai Team In Army Games – 2017

Bangladesh Army first participated in the International Army games – 2017 in Kazakhstan. In this event BD Army sent a team of 13 contestant and with support personnel. Bangladeshi team took part in the Sniper Frontier Contest only. Kazakhstan secured the first position. Russia-China jointly won the second position. Bangladesh got seventh position well ahead of Indian and Thai army sniper teams which secured positions respectively 11th and 14th.

International Army Games is reputed military war game in which best of the best comes to contest in their favorite events. Masters of Artillery Fire, Drone Competition and such many events occurs during this military sports. It is a matter of proud for every Bangladeshi.

Army snipers are considered to be one of the most crucial component of any Special Forces operation. Perfectly trained snipers can create a big difference in any battle by hitting desired targets in desired time. And Bangladesh Army raising a unit of battle snipers in the battalion level. This will enhance BD Army’s field operational flexibility to a new level. Army snipers can augment field fire power by clearing the forward enemy posts from sentries and guards.

In Special Operations Forces’ role snipers are mandatory components. Success of any Spec Ops largely depends on the success of the deployed sniper in the vicinity. Sniping is a prestigious job among the forces. Precise sharp hitting capability, sharp observation and ultimate level of patience makes them unstoppable sometimes. Bangladeshi snipers no different from that.

Increased FIREPOWER At Myanmar Border | BD Army Bought BIG Number Of M4 Guns

Bangladesh Army bought a large amount Saab Group’s Carl-Gustaf M4 recoilless gun system from Sweden. This is a combat proven weapons system being fielded by the dozens of armies across the globe. Upgraded M4 gun can fire a really wide range of rounds from anti-tank to anti-bunker shells. This is very light and easy to use portable system which will surely increase Bangladesh Army’s field fire power, especially, in the frontier regions.

Saab AB shows Bangladesh is the newer user of this latest weapons system in their infographic. On the other side, there are many reports emerged few months ago that BD Army going to induct some newer and smarter anti-tank guided missiles, guns and rocket systems from eastern and western European countries.

Now Bangladesh can easily challenge myanmar army in the eastern border of the country. Carl-Gustaf M4 guns of Bangladesh posing a serious threat to the burmese side for sure. If generals of the burmse military junta has any adventurism plans about poking Bangladesh into the border areas then they might have to think 100 times more now!

3 Decades of Sacrifice of The Bangladesh Armed Forces In UN Peace Keeping Missions | UN Peacekeepers Day

UN International Day of Peace is dedicated to those peacekeepers who are continuously giving their efforts to ensure peace and stability in the world’s most chaotic regions. Bangladesh Armed Forces serving in the United Nations Peace Keeping Operations for 30+ years.

First, in 1988 observer groups of Bangladeshi military personnel was deployed in UNIMOG & UNTAG, respectively in Iraq and Namibia. And then, after these three decades more than 83 thousands personnel served in 54+ UNPKO missions in 40+ countries.

In this “International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers-2018” UN thanked Bangladesh for their contribution in the UN PSOs. Currently more than 6 thousand Bangladeshi soldiers & officers from all branches of the armed forces are serving in the 11 UN Peace Support Operations in five countries.

2 More Leonardo Submarine KILLERS For Bangladesh Navy | AW-159 Helicopter

Bangladesh Navy ordered two more Leonardo AW-159 Wildcat anti-submarine warfare helicopters. Previously another two aircraft has been ordered, slated to be delivered later in 2019. Earlier DGDP issued an international tender, against which Leonardo was the lead contestant. Because the specifications mentioned in the tender directed that AW-159 helicopter will be the finalist.

Bangladesh Navy pursuing a modernization program under the much anticipated Forces Goal-2030. Within 2030 BN has a plan to operate at least 8 new multirole frigates which will be built in the Chittagong Dry Dock Limited.

It now acquiring new and second hand warships, mainly from China as stop gap solutions. Dhaka building other smaller vessels at home shipyards right now. For future high performance frigates of the Bangladesh Navy it is essential to add an advanced, highly effective Aniti-Submarine Warfare capable aerial fleet. Hence BN materializing the plan of raising ASW helicopter fleet step by step.

Italy-UK joint venture in the form of military helicopter solutions is proved to be very capable. A wide range of civil-military helicopters being produced by the Leonardo. Among them AW-159 Wildcat is the most successful one. Royal Army and Royal Navy operating almost six squadrons of AW-159s. Bangladesh has surface adversaries in both the east & west sides, and sub-surface threats can only be emanated from indian navy right now as burmese navy don’t have any submarine.

A fleet of 12 latest ASW helicopters will be a modest power to deter any enemy threat towards the territorial water bodies of Bangladesh from any side. As well as new built large displacement ships also will bear the major stake of that hefty deterrence job. Here we must add the surface & coastal attack capabilities of the AW-159s which gives Bangladesh Navy a ‘never-before’ operational ease. Enemies of Bangladesh must reconsider any misadventure they thought earlier. This time it will be too much costly for them.

Myanmar Again Prompting Bangladesh To Hit Them Hard, WHY?

Bangladesh and myanmar facing continues tension between them. Recently Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) installed CCTV camera & solar-powered lights on the Tombru-Konabari border in the Bandarban district.

Burmese border guard police urged Bangladesh to remove those instruments from the Bangladeshi part of the border. This arrogance of myanmar created anger among the diplomatic arena of Dhaka.