More Than Half-Dozen Yak-130 Crashed | Russian Air Force Ones Too!

Here is a comprehensive list of the crash incidents of the Yak-130 advanced jet trainer aircraft.
There are six crashes of Russian & Bangladeshi Yak-130 has been recorded and no cause was announced by the respective authority .


Here is a comprehensive list of all yak-130 fighter trainer aircraft crashes including Bangladesh Air Force ones too.

Accidents started with the Yak-130 trainer jet from the very beginning of its development. First crash of a prototype was happened in 2006 and a pre-series Yak crashed in 2010.

After these incidents there were some more such accidents happened with the Russian Air Force and Bangladesh Air Force Yak-130s.

Last Yak-130 crashed in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. All accidents indicates this aircraft’s faulty flight management system.

BREAKING: Again Two Bangladesh Air Force Yak-130 Crashed

Two Yak-130s of Bangladesh Air Force crashed again in Chittagong Division, pilots are safely ejected
A pair of BAF Yak-130s crashed due to unknown reasons while one has been crashed in the middle of 2017.

Again two of Bangladesh Air Force’s Yak-130 crashed.

Two Russian advanced jet trainer aircraft of the BD Air Force has been crashed yesterday in the Chittagong Division’s Moheshkhali. Four pilots ejected safely and survived any serious injury. Previously one more Yak-130 crashed in the middle of this year in Lohargoa, Chittagong.

ARMED Drones For Bangladesh Air Force: DGDP Issued RFP to Buy MALE UACV

Bangladesh Air Force issued requests for proposal (RFP) for medium-altitude long-endurance (MALE) unmanned combat aerial system (UCAS)
The RFP issued by the Bangladesh Air Force stated the specifications of the Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles (UCAV) BAF interested to buy

Bangladesh Air Force issued request-for-proposal to purchase Medium-Altitude Long-Range (MALE) unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

Earlier it was believed that BAF will buy Turkish Aerospace Industries made Anka-S UCAV. But new RFP showed up and the procurement has been opened for all parties interested to supply UAV to Bangladesh Air Force.  Technological advancement is the key purpose of inducting military drones into BAF services.

There are various options, mainly from China & Turkey, for armed drones for Bangladesh. Turkey has TAI Anka-S special ISR & combat UAS and Baykar Makina developed Bayraktar TB2Tactical UAV which is missile armed drone. On the other hand, China has much more options. AVIC China has CH-4 & CH-5 armed UAVs which can perform surveillance and combat missions precisely. Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group (CAIG) recently unveiled their most advanced UCAV Wing Loong-2 (Pterodactyl-2), and this is capable to carry a wide array of munitions to perform combat missions.

Now its upto Bangladesh Air Force whether they choose Chinese one or Turkish. But such highly advanced systems will surely enhance BD Air Force’s operational capabilities to a new height. This will also be a true force multiplier.

FANTASTIC Aerobatics & FlyPast of Bangladesh Air Force Mig-29 Fighter Jets

Bangladesh Air Force displayed fabulous aerobatics & FlyPast at Victory Day of Bangladesh Parade-2017
Aircrafts from the Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Air Force & Bangladesh Navy participated in the FlyPast during Bijoy Dibosh Parade-2017 in 16th December over the sky of the National Parade Ground

Bangladesh Victory Day Parade-2017 Part-1.

Bangladesh Air Force arranged aerobatics & flypast of various military aircrafts at Bijoy Dobosh 2017. Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina and President Abdul Hamid attended the ceremony at the National Parade Square. The sky over the Old Airport, Tejgaon was roared by the combat planes.

Mig-29, F-7BG fighter jets along with other trainer aircrafts participated in the aerial display.

Bangladesh Air Force BUYING Mi-35M Attack Helicopter

Bangladesh Air Force decided to buy Russian Helicopter’s Mi-35M Hind-E attack helicopters
Bangladesh Air Force finalized a deal to buy Mi-35M Hind-E attack helicopter for direct fire support or close air support to ground force

Bangladesh Air Force decided to buy Russian Mi-35M multipurpose attack helicopter.

Mi-35M is the export version of the Mil Mi-24, is a twin engine attack chopper. It can carry 2400kg of various armaments payload. This variant is equipped with all the latest avionics package. This is a night attack version, featuring night vision systems, electro-optical range finder/targeting system, GLONASS/GPS navigation system, onboard computer, electronic multifunction displays and jam-proof communications equipment for better operational capabilities.

Neither Bangladesh Air Force nor Bangladesh Army currently operate any dedicated attack helicopter. Mi-35M can carry 8 fully geared troops and can conduct medical evacuation missions too. This is a truly multipurpose helicopter. Initially six Mi-35 will be bought for the BAF. The deal yet to be signed.

Bangladesh Army and Bangladesh Air Force needs a dedicated attack helicopter platform as soon as possible. Attack choppers are the main fighting tool against enemy mechanized movements. Currently Bangladesh Army & Air Force operating Russian Mi-171Sh combat support helicopters only. These helicopters has handsome fire power but don’t have the capabilities as an attack helicopter has.

Mi-35M is an upgraded variant of the Mi-35. It has all latest avionics, more efficient combat capabilities, better situational awareness, lesser maintenance. Its multirole mission capabilities will provide dedicated attack, troops transport in the forward bases or conflict zones and will carry wounded soldiers back to the safe position.

Earlier Bangladesh Army expressed their interests to buy Russian Helicopters’ Mi-28NE Night Hunter attack helicopter but no progress has been made. In the same time Turkey, Italy & China offered their attack helicopter models to Bangladesh. However, BA will select the option that best serves the country’s interests.

NEW Development: Bangladesh Air Force Ordered Turkish Anka-S Armed Drone

Bangladesh Air Force reportedly ordered Turkish TAI Anka UAV to build its own unmanned aerial system (UAS) fleet
Bangladesh Air Force earlier expressed intention to acquire Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV) from Turkey while Chief of Air Staff ACM Abu Esrar visited the country

Bangladesh Air Force (BAF) to buy Turkish TAI Anka UAV.

Reportedly BAF ordered Anka-S UAS which is the Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle or UCAV version of the Turkish Aerospace Industries developed Anka ISR drone. BD Air Force forming up their unmanned aerial vehicle fleet. This fleet would comprises both surveillance & combat UAV. BAF wants a true force multiplier to augment force’s real capabilities to ensure national security in all aspect. Turkish Anka unmanned aerial systems has been designed to conduct most critical operations. Anka is manufactured with latest technology and materials.

Earlier in last November Chief Of Air Staff ACM Abu Esrar visited Turkey. He met with Turkish Undersecretary for Defense Industries Ismail Demir and visited several defense industries in Ankara. Before COAS Abu Esrar’s visit to Turkey there were news that Bangladesh Air Force interested to buy Turkish defense equipment including TAI Anka, T129 ATAK attack helicopter and TAI Hurkus basic trainer aircraft.

Bangladesh’s savage neighbor myanmar has bought Chinese CH-3 armed drones in an unknown number. They using it against ethnic minors in rakhine and other states. They also deployed their Chinese UAVs near Bangladeshi borders. In response to burma’s jingoistic gestures Bangladesh is ready to give a befitting reply.

Bangladesh Army & Air Force building impressive war fighting capabilities to face any aggression from her neighbors. Currently BAF inducting Chinese LY-80E MRSAM for air defence. Neither Bangladesh Army nor Bangladesh Air Force operate any combat drone right now. Anka will be the first armed UAV for Bangladesh. And this drone will surely increase the operational capabilities of the Armed Forces of Bangladesh.

[Part 2] AEROBATICS-LAND WARFARE SYSTEMS-NAVAL WEAPONS Show At Bangladesh Victory Day Parade-2017

16th December is the Victory Day of Bangladesh and this year the country celebrates this day with joy & glory
In every Bangladesh Victory Day Parade Armed Forces of Bangladesh participates with their military equipment to show to the public

Part-2 of Bangladesh Victory Day Parade-2017 and Bangladesh Armed Forces defense equipment show.

Bijoy Dibosh is a commemorative ceremonial day of Bangladesh’s independence in 1971. Victory Day of Bangladesh is the 16th December of every year.  In this day country’s armed forces arrange military parade at the National Parade Ground in Tejgaon.

This parade includes march-past of the troops from the Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Navy, Bangladesh Air Force and all other paramilitary forces. Public show of various defense equipment also held. Air Force conduct aerial maneuver over the sky of the parade ground.

Bangladesh celebrated her 47th Victory Day this year.