Increased FIREPOWER At Myanmar Border | BD Army Bought BIG Number Of M4 Guns

Bangladesh Army bought a large amount Saab Group’s Carl-Gustaf M4 recoilless gun system from Sweden. This is a combat proven weapons system being fielded by the dozens of armies across the globe. Upgraded M4 gun can fire a really wide range of rounds from anti-tank to anti-bunker shells. This is very light and easy to use portable system which will surely increase Bangladesh Army’s field fire power, especially, in the frontier regions.

Saab AB shows Bangladesh is the newer user of this latest weapons system in their infographic. On the other side, there are many reports emerged few months ago that BD Army going to induct some newer and smarter anti-tank guided missiles, guns and rocket systems from eastern and western European countries.

Now Bangladesh can easily challenge myanmar army in the eastern border of the country. Carl-Gustaf M4 guns of Bangladesh posing a serious threat to the burmese side for sure. If generals of the burmse military junta has any adventurism plans about poking Bangladesh into the border areas then they might have to think 100 times more now!


HOW Powerful Will Be The Bangladesh Military Air Defense Systems?

Bangladesh military operating various point and short range air defense missile systems. Those systems includes several hundred units of anti-aircraft gun systems, man portable air defense systems and short range surface-to-air missiles. Bangladesh Air Force & Army operating Chinese FM-90B SHORADS while Bangladesh Navy deployed FM-90N naval version.

Within this year BAF will complete induction of the Chinese LY-80E medium-range SAM system into active services. After that other armed services will do same. Due to the tensed geopolitical Bangladesh needs to secured its sky from any external threat. Hence network-centric advanced air defense systems are the most effective solution.

Why Ramu Cantonment Is So Important for Bangladesh?

Ramu Cantonment of Bangladesh Army is located in the southern part of Bangladesh at Ukhia, Cox’s Bazaar. This is a new military station which hosts the newly formed 10th Infantry Division. Ramu Cant. is a strategically important base. Currently necessary infrastructure are being built to host various units & brigades.

New recruitments also in place to fulfill the expansion process. Ramu Cant being set up under the Forces Goal – 2030 modernization & expansion program of the Bangladesh Armed Forces. It’ll provide ultimate security to countless of very important civil-military installations and areas in the Chittagong region.

Does Really Bangladesh Army Gonna Buy LARGE Number of New Tanks

Bangladesh Army evaluating to buy advanced heavy main battle tank and light tanks. Currently there are several options for light tanks, which weighs under 35 tons. Chinese VT-5 is one of the progressive contestant.

On the other hand Russian T-90MS, Chinese VT-4 or MBT-3000 and Ukrainian Oplot-M MBTs are the options for the heavy MBTs.

Non-Conventional Warfare Training of The Bangladesh Army — 2018

Bangladesh Army updated their training program with the most modern and advanced procedure. To face the 21st century non-conventional security threats BA keep the soldiers upgraded with toughest military training.

500 DRONES For Bangladeshi Army | Turkish Drone Mark Got The Contract

500 units of commercial quadcopters has been ordered for the Bangladesh Army from Turkey. The company named as the Drone Mark will supply these large number of rotor-UAVs. As per the news published in the Arabic language Turk Press, Turk Al’aan and the Arabyoum, some Bangladeshi news outlets also reported too.

These drones will be used to conduct surveillance, reconnaissance, tracking and search & inquiry missions. These are cheap platforms and easy to use. So costs are very much affordable regarding unit prices and training-maintenance aspects.

UNBIASED: Bangladesh Army Power vs. Myanmar Army Power | 2018 Latest Update

There some differences between Bangladesh Army and Myanmar Army. It can be categorized in terms of forces size, soldiers training, equipment and many others. Here we tried to give an unbiased comparison between the two armies. Watch it full and extend your support for us by subscribing our channel.