MASSIVE Firepower of Bangladesh Army WS-22A Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System

Bangladesh Army bought 18 regiment of Chinese WS-22A G-MLRS to enhance force’s fire power


Bangladesh Army bought 18 batteries of Chinese WS-22A guided multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) manufactured by the China Aerospace Long-March International. WS-22A MLRS is piece of massive firepower which can engage targets like military base, ground radar stations, command & communication centers, naval base, armored divisions etc.

Initially Bangladesh Army (BA) equipped its infantry divisions and in coming years every single infantry unit will equipped with such guided rocket system. Moreover, those MLRS systems will be manufactured in home by the Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory (BMTF) and Bangladesh Ordinance Factory (BOF). For this why, BD Army negotiating with a Chinese military vehicles manufacturer to build launcher vehicles.

WS-22A is a 122mm rocket system, which can also fire 200mm WS-33 rocket projectiles due to its modular design. It is a highly accurate rocket weapons system. It’s a low maintenance system with main features of: simple control system, quick response, easy operation and simple maintenance, good compatibility, high mobility.

This manufacturing/assembling processes will be done at the BMTF-BOF premises in Gazipur district, few kilometer distance from the capital city Dhaka. Bangladesh Armed Forces are going through “Forces Goal – 2030” modernization program to equip the forces with most advanced and latest military hardware. Accordingly BA wants to increase its firepower to new height. Many weapons and equipment are being made at home. In future Man Portable Air Defence Systems (MANPADS) also will be made.

Bangladesh Army Going To Manufacture Advanced Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System In Home (Bangladesh)

Government decided to build an indigenous defense industries to produce high-tech military equipment and thus, Bangladesh Army started a project to manufacture GMLRS in home.

Bangladesh Ordinance Factory (BOF) and Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory (BMTF) jointly will assemble “Guided-Multiple Launch Rocket System” (GMLRS) for the Bangladesh Army.

Primarily medium range MLRS will be assembled under license from some Chinese manufacturer. And for this purpose army has started to negotiate with several Chinese military vehicle manufacturers for suitable launcher vehicle.

Bangladesh Armed Forces finalized a modernization plan dubbed as “Forces Goal – 2030”. Under this plan Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Navy and Bangladesh Air Force started purchasing various military equipment. And initiated various defense program to produce possible military hardware in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Army assembling Man Portable Air Defence Systems in Bangladesh Ordinance Factory (BOF). Next is “Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System” (GMLRS). One of the sophisticated Chinese MLRS which is widely used by the PLA going to be assembled under license from China. BMTF discussing with Chinese military vehicle manufacturer Sinotruck and Taian for a heavy duty military truck suitable for multi-barrel rocket launchers.

Bangladesh Army’s next target to build Armored Personnel Carriers (APC) in Bangladesh.