Passing Out Parade of Bangladesh Army Newly Commissioned Officers [Part 1]

A fresh batch of newly commissioned officers of the Bangladesh Army has passed out and took their iron tough oath to protect the country with their life. The passing out parade has been held in the Bangladesh Military Academy Parade Ground.

Prime Minister and Chief of Army Staff General Shafiul Haque attended the ceremony. Family members and relatives of the cadets also attended. The ceremony is a common phenomenon when a new batch completes their 3 years long tough military training at BMA.

This is the first part of the full video:


JEAN KAY: Man Who Hijacked Plane for Bangladesh

Jean Kay was a French citizen who acted to help Bangladeshi refugees during 1971 Independence War of Bangladesh. He then in 3rd December hijacked the Pakistan International Flight PK-712 and argued the French Government to send medicines & other reliefs goods for Bangladeshis suffering due to the war.

Pompidou administration of the then France agreed and sent those relief support for the peoples of Bangladesh, but arrested Jean Kay. After a long trial process this hero was been released of all charges on humanitarian ground in 1973. Here is the brief story of that event.

Bangladesh Air Force Operating PAKISTAN Made Air Defense Weapons Controller Automation System

Bangladesh Air Force operating Pakistan made Air Defense Systems automation. This C4I Command & Control System has been developed and produced by the Air Weapons Complex (AWC), a subsidiary of the NESCOM, Pakistan.

This automated computer system has integration with all of the air defense assets of Bangladesh Air Force. Likewise all fighter aircrafts, interceptor aircrafts, surveillance & reconnaissance assets, radar stations & surface-to-air missiles systems are integrated within this system.

Until now it is been found that the whole system operates smoothly without any flaws. BAF is satisfied with this system and thanked for.

WHAT’s Actually Happening With Bangladesh Navy’s P-3C Orion MPAs

It’s been reported that Bangladesh Navy very much interested in decommissioned Japanese & Australian P-3C Orion Maritime Patrol Aircrafts. Both party seeking international buyers for their P-3Cs platforms which are still capable to serve small and medium navies.

Lockheed P-3C Orion is one of the world’s most capable, long serving MPA platform. It has capabilities of anti-submarine (ASW) and anti-surface warfare (ASUW). Japan Maritime Sel-Defense Force (JMSDF) & Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) both are the oldest operator of P-3C.

Gentlemen Cadets’ Lifestyle In Bangladesh Military Academy (BMA) Documentary

Bangladesh Military Academy is the main training institute for the training of the officer cadets. Officers of the Bangladesh Army gets their training from BMA. Bangladesh Navy and Bangladesh Air Force cadets also have to participate in a three-month course here for Joint Services Course.

It is located at Bhatiary, in southern port city of Bangladesh, Chittagong.

ISSB Documentary: Being A Military Officer In Bangladesh Armed Forces [English]

Inter-Services Selection Board or the ISSB is the sole institution in Bangladesh who conduct the selection for the new officer recruits for the three Bangladeshi Armed Forces. This educational documentary shows how they do such complex jobs.

FABULOUS LANDSCAPE: Renovated Training Institute For The Bangladesh Navy

Bangladesh Naval Academy is the country’s sole naval warfare college being renovated with new infrastructures & landscapes
Government of Bangladesh funding the expansion & renovation of the Bangladesh Naval Academy’s new infrastructures

Here’s the 3-D illustration of the Bangladesh Naval Academy

Bangladesh Naval Academy is the training institute of country’s navy. Recently government approved a project to renovate this naval training institution with scores of new infrastructures, charming landscapes and with some other facilities. Here it is a mock up presentation of the whole project.