BREAKING: Burmese Spy ARRESTED By Bangladesh Army

Border Guard Bangladesh Arrested Four Burmese Spies in Bandarban District Spying For Information About Bangladesh Army Installations


There in Arakan state of burma Rohingya people facing severe oppression from the burmese military. Large number of them are dead and rest are taking refuge to neighboring Bangladesh. They lost their homes and shelters.

Some of the burmese spies are also entered into Bangladesh along with those Rohingya refugees. But their fate become unlucky this time. Almost half-dozens of those burmese spies has been caught by the Border Guard Bangladesh counter intelligence wing and other security forces.

Four of them were arrested from the hilly Naikhongchori upazilla and Bandarban. They’re Anwar Hossain, Zafor Alam, Azmal Hossain and Kalu Miah. They’re all habitants of maungdaw’s Fakir Bazaar Amtoli in rakhine state.

One of them has been caught from Naikhongchori and three others are from Ghumdhum area.

Another two were caught from the Cox’s Bazaar area near Rohingya refugee camps. They were undercover as journalists. Their names are Minzayar Oo and Hkun Lat. Report says these two burmese spies were caught one week earlier. Jotirmoy bormo has joined as their lawyer but their bail appeal has been rejected by the court.

After primary interrogation all of the burmese spies acknowledged their espionage activities against Bangladesh on behalf of burma military.  They were tasked to collect intel about Bangladesh Army’s troops and weapons deployment in the Chittagong region.

For further interrogation all of them are transferred to the Bandarban district headquarters. Bangladesh security forces wants to know more about burmese spying on Bangladesh.

Already United Nations and other world leaders pressurizing burma for stopping the operation against Rohingya people lives in rakhine state. Successful diplomatic pressure can end this menace by burma. Bangladesh must act cautiously and precisely to deal with burmese authorities.

Who Giving WEAPONS to Burma: Review of myanmar army Arms Suppliers

World community urged israel-india not to sell weapons to burma but both countries ignoring burma’s war crimes against innocent Rohingya People.

Burma’s main weapons and military equipment supplier is China. India and Israel are positioned at, respectively, second & third. Peace loving world community urged to these countries not to sell weapons to burmese army. United States, Australia and European Union countries don’t sell military equipment to myanmar army.

Except china, india and Israel others like Russia, North Korea, Japan, Pakistan also sold weapons & military equipment to burmese military junta in the past few years.

China selling fighter jets, military transport aircrafts, warships, missiles, artillery guns, main battle tanks, small and medium weapons, electronic surveillance equipment etc. China also provides some military technologies to burmese army. North Korea provides hwosung short range ballistic missiles.

India sold light tank, artillery cannon, military helicopters, rifles and some other small weapons regularly. New delhi also maintain a close military tie with myanmar military junta.

Israel continuously supporting burmese military’s upgradation processes by modernizing burmese air force’s obsolete F-7 fighter jets, sold light weapons, electronic equipment, night vision systems, small gunboats, main battle tanks, and like other military hardware.

On the other hand Russia also doing good business with Yangon. Moscow sold fighter jets, tanks, armored personnel carriers, transport helicopters, attack helicopters, assault rifles, aerial weapons, and many other equipment.

Burma’s recent crimes of ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Peoples created world anger against them. United Nation’s secretary general urged burmese authority to stop atrocities against Muslim Rohingya Peoples in Arakan which is now renamed to rakhine state.

Due to burma’s ethnic cleansing operation against Rohingyas, a huge flow of refugees towards Bangladesh attracted world media eyes. Humanitarian crisis evolving every hour as there’s scarcity of food, medicines for injured and shelters.   World community must end this horrible operation of burmese army against these innocent poor Rohingya peoples. Otherwise a minority will be erased from their own soil and a long-term refugee crisis will be created.

Turkish-Iran Sent FOOD & MONEY for Rohingya People

Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Peoples are fled to Bangladesh while facing burmese army genocidal action, amid this crisis Turkish & Iranian governments sending helps for them

Turkey sending huge aid to help Rohingya Muslim. Emergency food, medicines and other needed relief goods are coming from Turkey, Iran, Qatar, Malaysia and also from Indonesia. All Muslim countries trying to solve the Rohingya People crisis along with Bangladesh. The Rohingya peoples are the ethnicity of Bengali nation who speaks mainly a dialect of Chittagong region. They’re living in the Arakan state (now rakhine state) for hundreds of years. But burmese junta government started an ethnic cleansing mission against these innocent peoples.

Turkish first lady Emine Erdogan visited the Rohingya Peoples’ refugee camps and distributed aid goods. She assert Bangladesh government to arrange for lands to build shelters for these refugees. Turkey will bear all the costs for building shelters.

International community working to collect and send more aid to the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh. Almost 5 lakhs Rohingya Muslims are now taking refuge in Bangladesh mainly in the cox bazar, Teknaf and adjacent areas. Bangladesh government facing hurdles to manage and fed those huge refugee peoples.

Increasing FIREPOWER: Bangladesh Army to Buy 105mm Self Propelled Howitzer

Bangladesh Army Requests Offerings of Technical Proposals from Interested Party for Its 105mm Self-Propelled Howitzer Gun Requirement

According to Directorate General Defense Purchase (DGDP) Bangladesh Army going to buy a large number of 105mm self-propelled howitzer cannon from any country who are manufacturing advanced high-tech SPH. Those SPH guns must be capable of firing any NATO standard rounds and should be equipped with ballistic protected crew cabin. DGDP is the purchasing authority of the Bangladesh Armed Forces.

Bangladesh Army will evaluate tracked, wheeled and truck-mounted systems to standardize the gun on country’s terrain and weather condition. How many SPH cannons will be procured it is not still clear, though the number would be large.

Under the “Forces Goal – 2030” Bangladesh Army emphasizes on mobility and fire power. Field artillery is the main firing potential of any army. Hence BA wants to build a handsome regiments of modern advanced self-propelled howitzer guns of various caliber.

Bangladesh Army Going To Manufacture Advanced Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System In Home (Bangladesh)

Government decided to build an indigenous defense industries to produce high-tech military equipment and thus, Bangladesh Army started a project to manufacture GMLRS in home.

Bangladesh Ordinance Factory (BOF) and Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory (BMTF) jointly will assemble “Guided-Multiple Launch Rocket System” (GMLRS) for the Bangladesh Army.

Primarily medium range MLRS will be assembled under license from some Chinese manufacturer. And for this purpose army has started to negotiate with several Chinese military vehicle manufacturers for suitable launcher vehicle.

Bangladesh Armed Forces finalized a modernization plan dubbed as “Forces Goal – 2030”. Under this plan Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Navy and Bangladesh Air Force started purchasing various military equipment. And initiated various defense program to produce possible military hardware in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Army assembling Man Portable Air Defence Systems in Bangladesh Ordinance Factory (BOF). Next is “Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System” (GMLRS). One of the sophisticated Chinese MLRS which is widely used by the PLA going to be assembled under license from China. BMTF discussing with Chinese military vehicle manufacturer Sinotruck and Taian for a heavy duty military truck suitable for multi-barrel rocket launchers.

Bangladesh Army’s next target to build Armored Personnel Carriers (APC) in Bangladesh.

EXCLUSIVE: Deadly Missiles of Bangladesh Navy

Bangladesh Navy Anti-Ship Missile Inventory Comprised Of C-802A, Otomat Mk2 Block-IV, C-704 and SY-1.

Bangladesh Navy has an inventory of various anti-ship missile of Chinese & Italian origins. These weapon systems are installed on BN warships of various class and sizes. And some of them can be fired from Bangladesh’s upcoming Leonardo Company’s AW159 ASW helicopters too. There are news that latest Chinese C-803 AShM will be featured on BN’s next heavy frigates and stealth corvettes.

Anti-Ship Cruise Missiles are the guided weapons system of any potent navy. To maintain credible presence and protect its EEZ in the Bay of Bengal Bangladesh sought to procure many weapons for her naval force. Along with this aspiration Chinese systems are made their way into our navy which form the main share of such capabilities to date.

Bangladesh Navy’s main long-range anti-ship missile is the Italian Otomat Mk.2 Block-IV which can hit targets at 200km distance. Another long-range AShM is the Chinese C-802A which has been complemented by the Chinese short-range AShM C-704 for littoral operations. Previously China’s SY-1A was the main long-range attacking weapon of BN. It’s been upgraded with modern sensors and radars, but not in “main” weapons of attack in Bangladesh Navy now. It is being hoped that BN’s new Leonardo AW159 Wildcat ASW helicopters will be featured with Otomat Mk.2 Block-IV missiles too. For shorter use weapon Thales Martlet will also come along with the two AW159 Wildcat.

On the other hand, Bangladesh Navy’s anti-air weapons systems are too poor to date. It consists of only Chinese FM-90N which has been derived from the HQ-7A, has very low range and has been installed on few of BN warships. FL-3000N is a CIWS surface-to-air missile with very very low range-altitude. It is came along with the Shadhinota Class corvettes.

However, Italian WASS manufactured A-244S fire-&-forget torpedo system is a decent ASW+ASuW weapon. It is really a weapon of choice with highly advanced technologies.

In the coming years, Bangladesh Navy going to build its latest warships (stealth frigates & corvettes) in home which will feature modern VLS system and naval SAM systems. Experts hoping that those warships’ missile capabilities will be boosted towards an incredible level before this BN doesn’t have. Until then, we must wait to see which systems Bangladesh choose to be installed on her next warships.

Bangladesh Navy Building A Fleet Of Advanced Attack Submarines

Under “Forces Goal – 2030” Bangladesh Navy expanding its submarine force’s capabilities with advanced attack submarines to protect country’s vast maritime boundary.

Bangladesh Navy planning to expand its submarine force by 2020. Chinese S-20/Type 041 Yuan class, German Type 214 or Type 212, Turkish Gur & Reis class submarines are the main competitors. Russia offered its Improved Kilo-class submarines to Dhaka recently. Sources confirmed that Bangladesh Noubahini planning to operate a fleet of at least five attack submarines in near future.

Currently BN searching for advanced, cost effective and quieter attack submarines from various origin. Ultimately one will be selected. Two Chinese Type 053G Ming-class submarines will then serve as training boats and can be deployed for coastal patrol duties.

To monitor and protect country’s vast maritime boundary and its wealth Bangladesh Navy planning to purchase 4–6 more advanced submarines fitted with latest generation surveillance sensor systems.

Bangladesh building a strong “tri-dimensional” naval force to protect the country’s maritime interests in the Bay of Bengal. And for that purpose submarines are the most effective force multiplier solution and Dhaka pursuing that dream actively.