Chittagong Dry Dock Ltd Will Be The Large WARSHIP Builder For Bangladesh Navy

Chittagong Dry Dock Limited is the third shipyard Bangladesh Navy owns which is planned to build country’s first heavy frigate
The CDDL has been established to do maintenance & repairing of Bangladeshi national flagships and foreign cargo & container vessels those anchored at Chittagong Port


Chittagong Dry Dock Limited will build heavy stealth frigates for the Bangladesh Navy.

CDDL or Chittagong Dry Dock Ltd currently owned by the Bangladesh Navy (BN) established as a complementary to the Chittagong Port Authority under Bangladesh Steel & Engineering Corporation. It was intended to maintenance and repair Bangladeshi flagships & those commercial cargo & container vessels touches Chittagong Port.

In 2015 Government of Bangladesh handed over the CDDL to the BN. After that the navy planned to build heavy frigates, large container vessels and alike. Already CDDL built a cargo vessel. In order to commence building of Bangladesh Navy’s heavy frigate which would be a Chinese design, BN teamed up with Chinese Shipbuilding & Offshore International Co. (CSOC).

Bangladesh Navy slated to have 12-14 such heavy frigates within 2030. And, most importantly they want to build them at home which would commercially-offset a certain portion of money will cost the whole program. This frigate program will create a well number of jobs for local engineers, naval architect and many more. Already Bangladeshi public-private shipbuilders showed successes in building small warships and various sized commercial cargo-container vessels which has been exported to the overseas market like EU.

Chittagong Dry Dock Limited will reduce country’s dependence for the naval ships to foreign shipyards. It also would be a center for maintenance, repair and upgrading hub for such large warships in time. Ultimately, Bangladesh Navy will be the second biggest in South Asia and one of the formidable navy in Asia. For such a big planning country must have a considerable capabilities to design and build warships of her own. Our naval force’s leadership are well aware of that and paving the way for it.

As of now, CDDL undergoing massive expansion and upgradation processes to host building of advanced heavy guided missile frigate. China assisting technologically in this project. The whole project worth billions of dollars, most of which will be spent of manufacturing of the ships. Still now no one knows which types of design has been selected, even if selected, but it’s certain of it that the design will be one of those which are Chinese shipbuilders showing off in various defence expositions around the globe for last some years.

As experts believe, Bangladesh Navy maybe collaborating with Chinese to get a customized design according to their own needs. Hence it would be new type of frigate design based on a Chinese one. But it is sure that the superstructure will be a low-observable, I mean, stealthy one. According to BN’s modernization plan this frigate program will be active within 2018. Until then, no one can confirm the whole program’s details.

Russia Offered Bangladesh Navy A New Type of Multipurpose Stealth Frigate, Advanced Submarine, Armored Combat Vehicles, Missiles for Bangladesh Armed Forces

Russia Offered Bangladesh Navy A New Type of Multipurpose Stealth Frigate, Advanced Submarine, Armored Combat Vehicles, Missiles for Bangladesh Armed Forces. Russia to increase military equipment sale to Bangladesh. Recently BAF ordered 8 Su-30SME, bought Yak-130, Bangladesh Army bought ATGMs, and now Bangladesh Navy may buy Russian warships and submarines.

Russia offered Bangladesh Navy (BN) a totally new type of stealth frigate. Moscow also offered Bangladesh submarines, armored vehicles, missiles and many more. A high powered Russian delegation visiting Dhaka to discuss multi-billion dollar weapons deal with Bangladesh Armed Forces.

Bangladesh Navy was lacks behind form operating Russian origin equipment from other two branches of the Bangladesh Armed Forces. Now, after inducting two Chinese refurbished submarines Bangladesh Navy maybe going for new type of Russian stealth frigates. This is maybe the Admiral Gorshkov Class multipurpose frigate designed to engage with various types of threats. It’s a Project 22350 type frigate which Russia offering for export to the allied nations.

Bangladesh Navy also building an air arm comprising various types of fixed and rotary wing aircrafts. BN already operating 2 Dornier Do-228NG Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA), AW139 Maritime Search and Rescue (MSAR) helicopters, ordered two AW159 Wildcat ASW-ASuW helicopters, Chinese Z-9 ASW and utility helicopters. BAF has ordered eight Russian Sukhoi Su-30SME super flanker fighter jets for maritime and naval strike aircraft to give air support to Bangladesh Navy.

Russia is one of the closest and reliable ally of Bangladesh from her birth. In recent years Bangladesh Army has bought a large amount of high-tech weapons and systems from Russian manufacturers. Bangladesh Air Force also the large one buyer for Russian fighter jets, fighter trainer, and such military equipment.

Bangladesh building a three-dimensional navy from 2001 and still modernization process going on. Already it becomes a tri-dimensional force and protecting our national interests in the Bay of Bengal region from evil eyes. Hope they’ll boost their efforts to save our marine assets from neighboring thieves. Our heartfelt support and greetings to them always.

The warship Russia offered has following mission capabilities:

– engage surface ships and vessels;

– search for and destroy enemy submarines;

– destroy land targets deep in the enemy territory;

– conduct offensive mission on the coast and islands;

– provide air, ASW and anti-boat defense for ships and vessels;

– provide fire support for amphibious assault forces and ground troops operations in the coastal areas.

Currently a powerful Russian delegation is in Bangladesh negotiating multi-billion dollar weapons that includes everything from MRCA, warships, submarines, armored vehicles, missiles and much more. More information to follow. Continue reading “Russia Offered Bangladesh Navy A New Type of Multipurpose Stealth Frigate, Advanced Submarine, Armored Combat Vehicles, Missiles for Bangladesh Armed Forces”