SHOCKING! Bangladesh Air Force NOT Buying Mig-35!!

Bangladesh Air Force not buying Mig-35! It is a shocking, though, not surprising as Russia demanded unnatural prices. Firstly Moscow offered Bangladesh their Su-30SME the new variant of the Su-30 family. Then they asked for a price that is usually very high from others they got.

After that BAF opt for Su-35 and again, Russia played its price card and asked BAF to buy their Mig-35 along with it. If Bangladesh don’t buy Mig-35 then Russia said they’ll not sell Su-35 to Dhaka. Under this circumstance, MRCA program stalled. After long negotiation process Bangladesh opt out Russian jets and seeking a single-engine multirole fighter jet from somewhere else.


Russia Offered Mig-35 Techonolgy Transfer To BANGLADESH

Russian Rosobornexport offered Mig-35 which is a 4++ generation fighter jet to the Bangladesh Air Force with full transfer-of-technology
Rosobornexport said they’ll provide transfer-of-technology of Mig-35 fighter jet to Bangladesh which will be manufactured in the Bangabandhu Aeronautical Center in Dhaka

Russia offered Mig-35 fighter jet to Bangladesh Air Force with transfer-of-technology.

Bangladesh Air Force fighter aircraft procurement program gets a new turnover from Su-30SME towards Mig-35. It’s a nothing strange but, amazingly Russians are offering transfer-of-technology to Bangladesh accordingly. This happens when Su-30SME deal stalled due to various reasons. Russian state defense technology exporter Rosobornexport made the offer to Bangladesh.

It is said in the report that, if Bangladesh Air Force buy Mig-35 jets, these will be manufactured in the Bangabandhu Aeronautical Center in Dhaka. An MRO facility also will be established to support maintenance, repair and future upgrade works. Bangladesh needs medium weight long range fighter jets urgently to maintain air power capabilities.

Myanmar progressing their deal for the JF-17 Thunder license building in home. Talks are going on with both developer of the jet, China & Pakistan, simultaneously. Bangladesh must keep a descent number of modern fighter jet fleet to counter any national security issues.

As developer’s claim Mig-35 is a 4++ generation fighter aircraft with full combat efficiency, even with a fifth generation fighter jet. It is a medium weight, multirole combat plane capable of air superiority mission along with precision ground strike and anti-shipping role too. If the deal happens then this project will give Bangladesh defence industry a huge uplift. Recently there are much efforts has been taken to make more defense hardware in home by the Bangladesh Armed Forces.

Not clear how many aircrafts BAF will buy nor what are the details of the proposal. But it’ll be cleared soon, hope so. But, this offer of ToT means Bangladesh Air Force will buy a handsome number of the jet. Making them in home will create opportunities for some high-paying jobs for some of the Bangladeshi aviation engineers too.

Ultimately this deal comes with some potential for Bangladesh in the related sector. On the other side, China too, offering their J-10B light fighter jets to Bangladesh with a $1bn loan. No one knows which BAF will grab. Until then we must wait for the official announcements.

Russia Offered Bangladesh Navy A New Type of Multipurpose Stealth Frigate, Advanced Submarine, Armored Combat Vehicles, Missiles for Bangladesh Armed Forces

Russia Offered Bangladesh Navy A New Type of Multipurpose Stealth Frigate, Advanced Submarine, Armored Combat Vehicles, Missiles for Bangladesh Armed Forces. Russia to increase military equipment sale to Bangladesh. Recently BAF ordered 8 Su-30SME, bought Yak-130, Bangladesh Army bought ATGMs, and now Bangladesh Navy may buy Russian warships and submarines.

Russia offered Bangladesh Navy (BN) a totally new type of stealth frigate. Moscow also offered Bangladesh submarines, armored vehicles, missiles and many more. A high powered Russian delegation visiting Dhaka to discuss multi-billion dollar weapons deal with Bangladesh Armed Forces.

Bangladesh Navy was lacks behind form operating Russian origin equipment from other two branches of the Bangladesh Armed Forces. Now, after inducting two Chinese refurbished submarines Bangladesh Navy maybe going for new type of Russian stealth frigates. This is maybe the Admiral Gorshkov Class multipurpose frigate designed to engage with various types of threats. It’s a Project 22350 type frigate which Russia offering for export to the allied nations.

Bangladesh Navy also building an air arm comprising various types of fixed and rotary wing aircrafts. BN already operating 2 Dornier Do-228NG Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA), AW139 Maritime Search and Rescue (MSAR) helicopters, ordered two AW159 Wildcat ASW-ASuW helicopters, Chinese Z-9 ASW and utility helicopters. BAF has ordered eight Russian Sukhoi Su-30SME super flanker fighter jets for maritime and naval strike aircraft to give air support to Bangladesh Navy.

Russia is one of the closest and reliable ally of Bangladesh from her birth. In recent years Bangladesh Army has bought a large amount of high-tech weapons and systems from Russian manufacturers. Bangladesh Air Force also the large one buyer for Russian fighter jets, fighter trainer, and such military equipment.

Bangladesh building a three-dimensional navy from 2001 and still modernization process going on. Already it becomes a tri-dimensional force and protecting our national interests in the Bay of Bengal region from evil eyes. Hope they’ll boost their efforts to save our marine assets from neighboring thieves. Our heartfelt support and greetings to them always.

The warship Russia offered has following mission capabilities:

– engage surface ships and vessels;

– search for and destroy enemy submarines;

– destroy land targets deep in the enemy territory;

– conduct offensive mission on the coast and islands;

– provide air, ASW and anti-boat defense for ships and vessels;

– provide fire support for amphibious assault forces and ground troops operations in the coastal areas.

Currently a powerful Russian delegation is in Bangladesh negotiating multi-billion dollar weapons that includes everything from MRCA, warships, submarines, armored vehicles, missiles and much more. More information to follow. Continue reading “Russia Offered Bangladesh Navy A New Type of Multipurpose Stealth Frigate, Advanced Submarine, Armored Combat Vehicles, Missiles for Bangladesh Armed Forces”

DEALIEST Su-30SME Fighter Jet is Coming for Bangladesh Air Force (BAF)

Bangladesh selected Su-30SME over Mig-35D & Su-35S flanker fighter plane. BAF will eploy these eight jet to the No. 8 Squadron and role will be Maritime Strike & Counter-Offensive missions.

BAF selected Sukhoi Su-30SME as maritime offensive fighter jet role. Bangladesh military currently going through “Forces Goal-2030” modernization process. As per the modernization program Bangladesh Air Force acquiring most advanced military hardware from various origins. Su-30SME is the latest and most advanced variant of the Su-30 flanker family. This model is one of the capable fighter aircraft platform worldwide. Russia offering this jet to those countries who are already Sukhoi jet operator.

This SME version is the export variant of the Russian Aerospace Force’s Su-30SM, which has been equipped with Bars-B multi-purpose fire control radar, 3D thrust vectoring AL-31FP after burner engines, IRST and Laser Designator Targeting pod and an EOTS coupled with laser navigation system and helmet mounted target acquisition system. Its fire control radar can scan & track 15 targets simultaneously and very much able to hit four of them at once with missiles and bombs.

The Su-30SME has an 8 tons of weapons payload. Weapons are ranges from advanced air-to-air missiles, anti-surface/anti-ship missiles, air-to-ground precision guided munitions etc. Its normal range is 3000 km while with an aerial refueling range extends to 5,600 km.