WATCHOUT Inida-Myanmar: Bangladesh Air Force Gaining TRUE BVR Capability

BD Air Force started to modernize their existing eight Mig-29 fighter jets to the latest “SMT” variant. This modernization includes new multi-mode multifunctional fire control radar, better performance engine, other advanced avionics and latest weaponry with BVR air-to-air missiles.

Bangladesh Air Force has six single-seat & two twin-seat Mig-29s which were bought from Russia in 2000. Already these fighter jets of BAF has been overhauled two times. These are the most advanced fighter jets Bangladesh has in its advanced combat jet inventory.

On the other side, myanmar air force also proceeding to upgrade their 31 Mig-29s. Currently the relations between Bangladesh and myanmar disrupted severely over Rohingya genocide issues. Myanmar air force helicopters also violated Bangladesh’s airspace several times, though, Dhaka restrained from shooting them down.

As experts saying, if Bangladesh Air Force doesn’t briefly increase their advanced fighter jet number then the country’s airspace could face severe threats from regional hegemonic entity like india and myanmar. Recent news suggests that BAF has ordered 16 Chengdu J-10C fighter jets from China. Those advanced Chinese fighter jets will join BAF within years.

The price of the whole upgradation program hasn’t published but can be assumed it is not tiny. But it is for sure that true BVR capability will boost BAF’s air warfare power. Those fighter jets are currently assigned with the No. 8 Squadron which is based on the Kurmitola Air Base in Dhaka.


TAILOR MADE! Specs of Bangladesh Air Force J-10C

Reportedly, Bangladesh Air Force ordered one squadron of Chengdu J-10C fighter jets from China. As experts suggests, many observe that J-10C incorporated some stealth technology from the J-20 stealth fighter. BAF wants to replace their older F-7BG fleet with 4.5th generation fighters. Initially 16 aircrafts has been ordered, but in future whole fleet of 37 “BGI” will be replaced by this advanced J-10C fighter jets.

In midst of 2017 Bangladesh Air Force issued an international tender to purchase 8 (+40 Medium Range Combat Aircrafts, well known as the MRCA tender. Along with Russian Su-30SME, Mig-35 Chengdu J-10B was a participant. BAF selected Su-30SME as the primary winner, but later the deal has not been signed due high-price tagging from Moscow.

After that, RSK-Mig offered their Mig-35 multipurpose fighter jet to Bangladesh with some sort of transfer-of-technology. Meanwhile, BAF finalized a deal for 16 J-10C fighter jets from China. This “Chinese deal” was included in the $1 billion soft loan Beijing offered to Dhaka to buy china’s military aircraft for the Bangladesh Air Force.

So, that’s why many thinks that this J-10C procurement is different from the MRCA program. Some are calling it as the “MMRCA” program. Anyway, one squadron of the J-10C will greatly enhance BAF’s air power. Dhaka recently stepped in to reply myanmar for their brutal killings of Rohingya Muslims rakhaine state which is also known as the Arakan state.

On the other hand, BAF going to finalize a deal for another squadron of Mig-35 multirole fighters. Bangladesh’s law minister Anisul Haque, who’s also handling defense ministry too, told to the parliament that Bangladesh decided to buy two squadron of advanced 4.5th generation fighter jets. One squadron will be stationed at Dhaka Air Base and another one will be deployed at Cox’s Bazar Forward Air Base.

Surely, BAF will not spare a single opportunity to punish burma for her undeniable crime against humanity. Moreover, myanmar poked Bangladesh by violating the country’s airspaces several times. Assumed by point, very hard times for the myanmar armed forces are coming ahead.

MISSILE Firing Drill of Bangladesh Air Force

Bangladesh Air Force conducted live air-to-air missile firing test recently to calibrate and augment air warfare capabilities. In this training Mig-29, F-7BGI and L-39ZA aircrafts participated. All the combat planes were from the Kurmitola Air Base. This training exercise was successful.

Myanmar Paying The Price

Myanmar Air Force ordered six Russian Su-30 fighter jets, announcement came during General Shoigu’s visit there. Along with these combat aircrafts, burmese military will also procure some more equipment from Moscow. $200 million has been allotted to buy six Su-30. As per the total price mentioned each of the Sukhoi will costs around $34 million.

But, there’s no information about the exact variant of the myanmar air force’s Su-30s. The latest variant that Bangladesh Air Force wanted to buy is the “Su-30SME” which will cost around $60 million. And, except indian air force’s Su-30MKI other variants are not in production. So, definitely Russia will export their grounded baseline Sukhoi-30 to myanmar.

Previously, Moscow exported grounded indian Su-30MKIs to the Angolan Air Force. Those were upgraded in Russia. As the latest variants are much expensive platform so burma surely buying older ones. Not the latest Su-30SME variant.

Bangladesh Air Force was mainly inactive during last 20 years. During this timeframe no modern, advanced fighter jet were been procured. Some Chinese vintage design F-7s were purchased as the stop gap solution. To replace and expand the force under Forces Goal – 2030 BAF float a tender for eight Multirole Combat Aircrafts. But the RFP was intended towards Russia only. Su-30SME was been selected by the BAF Chief. And, hence, Moscow took the full advantage of it and demanded very high price for each jet.

After high price tag from Russia, BAF gone backfoot and re-issued the tender. Again, Russia, offered their newest option Mig-35. But, Bangladesh Air Force wants either Su-30SME or Su-35! But, Moscow wants Bangladesh to buy their Mig-35. BAF wasn’t ready to face such situation. Due to Moscow’s rigidness regarding price BAF compelled to opt for Mig-35, about which negotiations going on now. Hoping an announcement will come soon, if not, then at least some noise will let us know about it. And, only then, myanmar air force’s Su-30 will be countered well.

EXCLUSIVE >> Bangladesh Air Force ORDERED 8 Su-35 Fighter Jets From Russia

Bangladesh Air Force newly purchased 8 Russian Su-35 advanced multirole fighter jets. Previously BAF wanted to buy Su-30SME but later it choose better than that. Eight Fulcrum-F fighter aircrafts will boost Bangladesh’s air power in an unprecedented level.

Bangladesh Air Force ordered the Su-35ME variant, which came as a new derivative. The expected delivery date isn’t published yet. And Dhaka didn’t make any announcement yet, too. Hope, very soon both party will brief about this Su-35 dealings.

On the other side of the Moscow’s military diplomacy they sold six Su-30 to the myanmar air force. Russian news agency Tass reported that the deal has been signed during Russian defence minister Sregey Shoigu’s visit to the country. Bangladesh’s purchase of Su-35 may irk india. It is surely give an edge over the myanmar air power. But, indian air force may face serious challenge in the region due to advancement making by the Bangladesh Air Force.

Earlier we learned that a squadron of Chengdu J-10C are coming to BAF. Pilots are being trained in China, who will fly them. Usually Bangladesh Air Force counts 16 airframe units as one squadron. And, it was reported that Bangladesh bought as many as 16 J-10C which has been offered by the Beijing to Dhaka under $1 billion soft loan to buy Chinese military aircraft.

If Bangladesh buy Mig-35 then the house will be filled by the most advanced fighter aircrafts of the current world. Recently relations between Bangladesh and myanmar got severed over later’s genocide against Rohingya minorities. Dhaka strongly condemned burma’s military operation against Rohingya peoples which killed thousands of them and burmese troops torched almost all of the Rohingya villages in the rakhine state. And, almost 700 thousnds Rohingya peoples fled to Bangladesh to avoid this persecution.

Secretary General UN termed it as the “text book example of geocide” by the burmese military.  During the military operation against Rohingya people burmese military helicopters violated Bangladeshi air space several times. Dhaka restrained from firing at those choppers and waited to see what international community do. But, pathetically world failed to punish burmese military junta.

Now, Bangladesh pursuing her own resolve to solve the issues with myanmar. If myanmar military failed to understand Bangladesh’s demands they must face a new military power than before they did. It’ll cost their national interests at large.

Bangladesh Air Force Yak-130: Weapons Load & Role of Light Fighter

BAF has bought Yakovlev Yak-130 trainer – light fighter jets from Russia and these jet trainers also has light fighter capabilities to fight against threats air-to-air, air-to-surface and air-to-ground modes.

To fulfill the needs of an advanced jet trainer requirement of BAF Government of Bangladesh bought 16 Russian Yakovlev built Yak-130 for the country’s air force. This year BAF also ordered 14 more Yak trainer jets.

Yak-130 trainers can mimic all 4++ & 5th generation fighter jets’ cockpit. These jets can also be used as light fighter for low-intensity warfare. Besides training purposes yak advanced jet trainer can carry various types’ weapons loads for light fighter role.

Bangladesh Air Force undergoing modernization program through “Forces Goal — 2030”. Due this modernization plan BAF wants at least 6 x 16 fighter jet squadrons for protection of the country’s skies. As the program started, it needs pilots shall be highly trained and skilled by extensive aerial warfare knowledge. Hence, BAF plans and acquiring more efficient fighter-trainers which can mimic both 4++ & 5th generation stealth fighter jets avionics and cockpit. In this context Yak-130 is the only aircraft, currently, in the world which can be deployed to train pilots for 4.5th and 5th generation combat aircrafts.

It is worth to mention here that Bangladesh Air Force formed two squadron to host 24 Yak-130s. Maybe, one squadron will be deployed for light combat role and another would be dedicated to train pilots. There are also other trainer jets for intermediate flying training of pilots, K-8W Karakorum and L-39ZA Albatros intermediate jet trainers.

Alongside pilot training Yak-130 can also carry 3000 kg of weapons payloads for combat missions. This weapons load includes R-73E IR guided air-to-air missiles, KAB-500Kr TV guided smart bombs, KAB-50, 100, 250 & 500 unguided bombs and one GSh-23L/GSh-301 cannon.

This capabilities of light fighter role of Yak-130 makes it an ideal platform for COIN, AT, asymmetric warfare. And BAF intends to assert this capabilities with Yak-130 jets. As it based on an open architecture software any foreign weapon system can be installed on the Yak-130 with greater ease, which makes sense to BAF as it also deployed Chinese built aerial munitions too.

Despite a recent BAF Yak-130 crash it created a new capabilities which was previously depended on the F-BG & BGIs. In the coming years Bangladesh Air Force will purchase more modern and advanced fighter jets which boost country’s air power in a greater level.

WATCHOUT Myanmar: Bangladesh Air Force Going To Induct FD-2000 Long-Range SAM Systems VERY SOON

Bangladesh Air Force going to induct Chinese FD-2000 surface-to-air missile system very soon
FD-2000 SAM System is the export designation of the HQ-9 long-range air defense system developed by China will come to the Bangladesh Air Force’s Integrated Air Defense brigade

Bangladesh Air Force going to induct Chinese FD-2000 long-range surface-to-air missile defense system.

This acquisition will be activated just after deployment of the LY-80E medium-range air defense system. BAF currently has no such defensive military equipment rather some FM-90B short-range air defence missile systems in active service. FD-2000 is the export designation of the domestic Chinese version of HQ-9 long-range SAM system. It’s developed by the CPMIEC.

Bangladesh Armed Forces has seeking some affordable and cost-effective air defense systems, which can be integrated into country’s existing air defence command network. BAF previously evaluating some options and choose Chinese one. This SAM platform will be deployed to protect Bangladesh’s important civil-military installations around the country.

This long-range missile defense system has 200km of slant range. Can engage targets up to 27km altitude. Its main search radar can track 100 targets and designate 50 of them. Main fire control radar guide 6 interceptor missiles to hit 6 targets simultaneously. It is very much capable to operate under intensive enemy electronic jamming environment.

FD-2000 SAM system can intercept fighter aircraft, attack helicopters, UAVs as well as cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, air-to-ground missiles and stand-off range precision guided bombs too. Search and tracking radars have anti-stealth capabilities to track & shoot down stealth aircrafts.

In recent aggressive posture of the burmese military near Bangladeshi border has rattled the thoughts of military leaderships in Dhaka. Bangladesh Army was fully prepared to strike into burmese territory due their violations of international laws and diplomatic gestures. Hundreds of thousands innocent Rohingya peoples has been murdered by the military junta of myanmar. Almost 1 million of them fled to Bangladesh to save their life. Burma clearly committed history’s one of the most brutal genocide against this ethnic minority. General Secretary of the United Nations declared this act as the “text book example of genocide”.

After killing hundred thousands of Rohingya peoples burmese army started to provoke Bangladesh by violating the airspace several times. They frequently did it. Bangladesh Army deployed heavy artillery, troops, combat helicopters, riverine brigades along the burmese border but refrained from order full scale operation due to the absence of an effective air defense system. Bangladesh Air Force’s air power is not enough to give air support for such an operation. Hence army stopped. By analyzing all the recent development in the region Bangladesh harshly felt her needs for long-range, deep coverage surface-to-air missile systems. And now, FD-2000 LRSAM is coming.