Myanmar Air Force Documentary [Part 3]

Headquarters of Myanmar air force is in Naipitow, the new capital city of burma. China & Russia is the main aviation supplier of Myanmar. Current Commander-in-Chief of Myanmar Air Force is General Maung Maung Kyaw. This is the third and last part of this documentary.


Myanmar Air Force Documentary [Part 2]

Myanmar air force documentary shows almost all of its aircraft inventory. MAF has 277 aircrafts along with 23,000 active personnel.

Myanmar Military ‘Sin Phyu Shin’ Joint Exercises – 2018 [Part-3]

Three armed forces of Myanmar participated in a joint war game to synchronize forces interoperability. Third part of it is here.

Myanmar Conducted Biggest Military Drill [Here’s Part-1]

Myanmar armed forces conducted joint military drill termed as ‘Sin Phyu Shin’. Here is the first part of it.

Fully UNBIASED Comparison Between Bangladesh Air Force J-10C vs. Myanmar Air Force JF-17

This is a relatively comparative analysis between the Bangladesh Air Force’s upcoming J-10C and Myanmar Air Force’s JF-17M. Reportedly Bangladesh ordered 16 Chengdu J-10s in a recent time. On the other hand myanmar supposed shortly to take delivery of their ordered 16 JF-17 Thunder block-2 fighter jets.