How Bangladesh Navy Will Protect Country’s Territorial SEA?

Bangladesh Navy is the naval warfare branch of the country tasked to protect Bangladesh’s interests in the territorial & exclusive economic water bodies. Mainly operating in the Bay of Bengal. Currently this force transforming into a three-dimensional naval force in the region.

BD Navy also tasked to protect the EEZ of Bangladesh in the Bay of Bengal from all types of threats that could hamper our economic and military interests. New warships, submarines, aircrafts for various naval application are being inducted.

Bangladesh’s main trading shipping lines goes through this highly important sea. BN has a great plan to enhance strategic capabilities to respond any internal and external threats quickly. Naval special operations forces has been formed with the needs keep in mind. Indigenous shipbuilding industry growing according to the navy’s needs.

Bangladesh Navy executing a modernization program actively. Under modernization plan dozens of warships will be built in home and will be acquired from overseas with all the latest naval weaponry. New generation of maritime patrol aircrafts are also in pipeline.

Any regional hegemonic party will face a formidable navy from Bangladesh within few years. It also established units to fight terrorism, human & drug trafficking, illegal fishing, maintaining security of the merchant ships and all others.

As it happening, within 2030 Bangladesh Navy will be the second largest navy in the South Asia region second to Indian navy.  And one of the most sophisticated and powerful in Asia. Bangladesh’s current main foe is the myanmar navy and indian navy is a possible mighty adversary. BN modernizing its force capabilities accordingly.


Bangladesh Navy’s OWN Naval Air Base Being Built

Bangladesh Navy setting up a new naval base at Patuakhali. This new base will host surface combatant and submarine berthing as well as a naval aviation facilities. Location of the base is in the Rabnabad channel.

This naval base will be the biggest of its kind in the country.  The Navy’s own air base will surely bolster operational capabilities of the navy. The name of the base has been settled ‘BNS Sher-E-Bangla’. Currently construction process going on in full speed.

List of Bangladesh Navy AIRCRAFTS

Bangladesh Navy currently operating two Leonardo AW109E Power utility helicopters and two RUAG Dornier Do-228NG maritime patrol aircrafts. Two Leonardo AW159 Wildcat ASW helicopters are on order & recently a tender has been surfaced to purchase to more such copters.

On the other hand BN wants to expand its MPA aircrafts fleet to gain real force multiplier capabilities. On the line of this effort BD Navy ordered two more Do-228NG MPAs which will be fitted with the Leonardo SeaSpray AESA radars from Italy on those 2 new Dorniers.

WHAT’s Actually Happening With Bangladesh Navy’s P-3C Orion MPAs

It’s been reported that Bangladesh Navy very much interested in decommissioned Japanese & Australian P-3C Orion Maritime Patrol Aircrafts. Both party seeking international buyers for their P-3Cs platforms which are still capable to serve small and medium navies.

Lockheed P-3C Orion is one of the world’s most capable, long serving MPA platform. It has capabilities of anti-submarine (ASW) and anti-surface warfare (ASUW). Japan Maritime Sel-Defense Force (JMSDF) & Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) both are the oldest operator of P-3C.

Bangladesh Navy DEADLY Commandos: SWADS/SEALs

There are one prominent naval special operations force in Bangladesh Navy which is called Special Warfare Diving and Salvage (SWADS). Besides, there are two other Spec Ops units also, called Special Boat Service and ODD-71. SWADS are the main naval special warfare branch of Bangladesh Navy.

SWADS been formed under supervision of the U.S. Navy SEALs and accordingly. SWADS’s training as same as Navy SEALs. Their weapons and other gears are also in line with the U.S. SEALs. Bangladesh Navy send their SWADS trainees to the Turkey, South Korea too for training along with U.S. Navy’s Coronado Naval Special Warfare Training Center.

The SWADS are operating in home and abroad to attain the national security goals of Bangladesh. Current strength around 1000-1500 operators. Average drop rate is 95%. Only strong and capable are remains. SWADS can operate almost all types of the weapons available. They’re like shark in the seas, eagle in the skies and leopards in the lands. They’re SEALs.

There are a team for Under Water Demolition known as ODD-71. Not much information are available about the unit but it’s known to the domain of military enthusiast’s network. Special oat Service (SBS) is believed to another Special Forces unit in Bangladesh Navy.

China Launched Third STEALTH Corvette For Bangladesh Navy

China State Shipbuilding Corporation launched the third C-13B Shadhinota-class stealth corvette for Bangladesh Navy. This warship has been derived from the People’s Liberation Army Navy’s Type 056 stealth corvette.

BN currently operating two C-13B corvettes respectively F111 and F112. These ships are littoral combat and patrol vessels. This ship displaces 1,330 tons. BN has a plan to operate such 12-14 warships in future.

MISSILES & ARMAMENTS Carried By The Bangladesh Navy BNS Durjoy

Chinese warship builder Wuchang Shipyard built two Durjoy-class large patrol craft BNS Durjoy & BNS Nirmul for the Bangladesh Navy
Wuchang Shipyard Group Co., Ltd transfer the technology of the Durjoy-class LPC to Khulna Shipyard Limited

BNS Durjoy is the Durjoy class large patrol craft operating by the Bangladesh Navy (BN) from 2013. It is built by the Chinese Wuchang Shipyard. This LPC has a displacement of 648 tons and carry four C-704 anti-ship cruise missiles. An H/PJ-26 76.2 mm forward naval gun, 2 Oerlikon 20 mm cannon and 2 6-tube EDS-25A 250mm ASW rocket launchers are other armaments.

This ship is intended to operate in coastal waters for mainly surface warfare. China built two of this class, named BNS Durjoy and BNS Nirmul, for the Bangladesh Navy. Another two dedicated anti-submarine warfare (ASW) version has been built in the Khulna Shipyard Limited (KSY) recently. Four more are expected.

As Myanmar navy has no submarine yet but indian navy has, Bangladesh Navy surely deploy them near indian water border. After inducting two Chinese Ming-class attack submarines into active service india expressed unprecedented ire of towards Bangladeshi submarine acquisition. Unspecified sources said that indian navy submarines are sneaking into the Bangladeshi territorial water bodies recently in a frequency.

On the other hand, Burma will buy submarines soon after seeing what new submarines Bangladesh buy next. Hence it is wise to build up a strong ASW force in advance. These semi-stealth ASW LPCs will provide maximum security to the country’s coastal waters in time of war and peace.

Recently Bangladesh Navy set a goal to build maximum warships it needs in home. For hence, they extended their naval diplomacy to the level of acquiring naval ship building technology. China, for sure, is the frontrunner in Bangladesh’s quest of being warship builder nation. Already CSOC provide transfer-of-technology to the KSY for building Durjoy-class naval ships. This trend of building ship in home also will save Bangladesh’s foreign reserve and contribute to the economy.