Does Really Bangladesh Army Gonna Buy LARGE Number of New Tanks

Bangladesh Army evaluating to buy advanced heavy main battle tank and light tanks. Currently there are several options for light tanks, which weighs under 35 tons. Chinese VT-5 is one of the progressive contestant.

On the other hand Russian T-90MS, Chinese VT-4 or MBT-3000 and Ukrainian Oplot-M MBTs are the options for the heavy MBTs.


South Korea Offered Its NEWLY DEVELOPED K21-105 Light Tank to Bangladesh Army

South Korea offered its K21-105 light tank to Bangladesh Army for their new light weight battle tank program
K21-105 light tank has been designed by the Agency for Defense Development & manufactured by the Hanwha Defense Systems for the Republic of Korean Army with Belgian CMI Defence

South Korea offered its K21-105 Light Tank to Bangladesh Army (BA).

Recently BA has driven for a new type of light battle tank to enhance fire power of the armored divisions. This light tanks will be deployed in the mountainous and jungle areas where most of the heavier main battle tanks can’t operate to various reasons.

South Korean Hanwha Defense Systems manufacturing this tank. K21-105 light tank is based on the K21 infantry fighting vehicle which has been developed by the Agency for Defense Development (ADD) of Republic of Korea Government. Basically the K21-105 light tank has been developed by the Doosan DST & CMI Defence of Belgium. It uses the newly developed XC-8 turret by Cockerill (CMI Defence) which increased its direct fire capability. The XC-8 is based on the Cockerill CT-CV 105HP turret and is fitted with a 105 mm or 120 mm gun. This gun can fire 8 rounds per minute.

This 105mm gun can fire all standard NATO rounds for up-to 10 km range in indirect fire mode. It also can fire newly developed smart ammunition at a range of 4km. A 105mm Gun-Launched Anti-Tank Guided Missile can also be fired from this 105mm gun named CMI Defence Cockerill Falarick. This missile can engage heavy armored vehicles beyond 5km range. Falarick missile is laser-guided and capable of penetrate 550mm ERA. This turret has a two-man crew, digital, the gun is fully stabilized, autoloaded and capable of operation in day/night due to NV/Thermal weapon systems. Secondary armament consists of a coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun along with an optional roof-mounted 12.7 mm machine gun in a remote weapon station. K21-105 features an advanced fire control system.

K21-105 light tank has a weight of 25 tons and three crew, including commander, gunner, and driver. A 750hp engine powers the tank and has a hydropneumatic suspension and advanced running gear. This tank is moderately armored with automatic fire suppression and NBC protection systems. This tank has amphibious capabilities with full combat loads.

Bangladesh Army seeking a tank that can climb in the hills and run through soft, muddy marshlands as well as can cross rivers. The tank must be very nimble, light, features highly advanced fire control systems. Earlier we learnt Bangladesh Army planners choose Chinese NORINCO VT5 light tank. China PLA deployed VT5 in the Tibetan Plateau after successful exercise conducted in the same region.

VT5 can operate in the height of Tibet and it will surely suitable to operate in the highlands of Bangladesh’s southern parts too. VT5 is an all-rounder light tank to be deployed in the Cox’s Bazaar, Bandarban and other hilly districts in the Chittagong Division. BD Army wants to give burma a befitting response if they misbehave in the border areas. For that BA needs such tanks immediately. It is been reported that Bangladesh will buy 3-regiments of VT5 light tank, though, evaluating the South Korean one.

No one knows whether Bangladesh Army will go for both or only one, but surely its will boost army’s direct fire power in a great level. So, watch out burmese looters.

Bangladesh Army Becomes The First Buyer of The Chinese VT5 Light Tank

Bangladesh Army will buy 3 regiments of NORINCO VT5 light tanks within short time to enhance BA’s mountainous warfare capabilities

Chinese VT5 light main battle tank has been finalized by Bangladesh Army. 2 to 3 regiments will be bought in short-term acquisition process. This tank is designed and manufactured by the NORINCO, China.

As sources confirmed, Bangladesh Army will buy more light tanks from Europe too. VT5 light MBT is a very nimble, has maximum fire power and can operate in mountainous & marshy lands, jungle, riverine areas.

Weapons are a 105mm rifled-main gun, a 12.7mm & a 7.62 mm machine gun. There are a 40mm automatic grenade launcher, too, in the remotely-controlled weapons station.

Bangladesh implementing “Forces Goal -2030” modernization program to upgrade Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Navy and Bangladesh Air Force. Under this upgrade process all three main armed forces will be equipped with high-tech advanced military equipment.