BIG QUESTION: Are Bangladesh Air Force BUYING Pakistani JF-17 Thunder Jets??

Bangladesh Air Force drifting from the Russian 4.5th generation fighter jets for its MRCA program. Recently a team of experts from the Bangladesh Aeronautical Complex (BAC) visited the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex. They inspected manufacturing processes of the JF-17 Thunder block-3 fighter jets.

Reports suggesting that the BAF will go for the single-engine multirole fighter jets for its next acquisition. United Aircraft Corporation which owns the Su-35 Super Flanker has asked for a very price for the jet. And Moscow also conditioned Bangladesh to buy their newer Mig-35 medium fighter jets along with it.

Russia did not give any stingy condition to Indonesian or Chinese party to buy their Su-35s, but it played nasty games with the Bangladesh Air Force. It is high time for BAF to acquire some most advanced fighter jet to keep country’s sky safe. Initially BAF floated a tender to buy 8 multirole combat aircrafts (MRCA), specification directing Russian manufacturers. Which strategy later came out worst?

Now, as Moscow played bad with BAF and new fighter jet acquisition programs stalled, Bangladesh looking to Pakistan and sought help. Dhaka has an ambitious plan to build her next fighter jets at home. Hence Bangladesh Aeronautical Complex (BAC) has been established. Now, only time will say what will happen to the BAF MRCA program! We’ll keeping our readers updated on the matter.