Bangladesh Army MASSIVELY Increasing Anti-Tank Guided Missile Inventory

Bangladesh Army Signed Deal for New Anti-Tank Weapons.

Several deals has been signed with different eastern European countries for the new anti-tank weapons.  This package includes long-range anti-tank rocket propelled grenade launchers, short-range anti-tank weapons, short-range anti-tank guided missiles and long-range anti-tank guided missiles etc. The number of these systems are large, though, not confirmed.

Still it is not known with which countries Bangladesh Army signed those deals. But it is expected that Ukraine, Serbia, Poland, and other Balkan states are in the list.

Bangladesh Army building a formidable anti-tank weapons inventory. It comprised second and third generation anti-tank guided missiles. Previously the main ATGM was Pakistan made Baktar-Shikan ATGM which is a license built version of the Chinese HJ-8.

Recently Bangladesh buying the most modern and advanced military equipment whether it is a weapons platform or any auxiliary system. It suggests that Dhaka realized the imminent threat from savage burmese army. Burma’s recent killing operation against Rohingya minority in the Arakan state (aka rakhine state) created history’s one of the worst humanitarian crisis in the region. And more than half-a-million Rohingya people has fled to Bangladesh to save their lives from killer myanmar army.

Secretary General of the United Nations has termed burmese atrocities against Rohingya Muslims as the “text-example of ethnic cleansing”. Most of the world leaders condemned burmese activity. But, military junta of myanmar has no shame. They violated Bangladesh’s air space several times to provoke Bangladesh to attack burmese side.


HOW POWERFUL Bangladesh Army’s Anti-Tank Guided Missile Inventory?

Bangladesh Army has 2500-3000 ATGMs & rockets in its current inventory and evaluating for a new ATGM for its anti-tank force.

Bangladesh Army ATGM inventory consists of 3 types of missiles and a rocket & gun system too. Currently BA deployed Kornet-E, Metis-M1 & HJ-8 Anti-tank guided missiles & PF98 Anti-tank rockets to deter against any mechanized infantry invasion. Russian missiles are much effective against main battle tank.

Anti-tank force is a vital part of any army’s artillery force. Bangladesh currently beefing up its anti-tank warfare force with second and third generation ATGMs. Currently three types of ATGM and an ATW rocket + one anti-tank gun system are in active service with Bangladesh Army.

Bangladesh Armed Forces being upgraded under “Forces Goal — 2030” along with its command formation system and advanced military equipment. Army got 44 MBT-2000 main battle tanks almost one and half decade ago. Now they got Nora B-52K1 self-propelled howitzer guns, surface-to-air missile systems, C295W military transport aircraft, Mi-171Sh armed combat helicopters, and many more.

Bangladesh Army is the largest force of the armed forces of the country. It is tasked to defend country’s sovereignty over any situation. And they’re doing so. BA also keeping their footprints in world peace process for many decades. Thousands of Bangladeshi troops are deployed overseas in UN peace keeping missions.