Myanmar Air Force Documentary [Part 1]

Myanmar Air Force is the aerial warfare branch. It was founded in 1947, 70 years ago. it’s role to provide air support to the myanmar army and navy.


BEAUTIFUL Geodesic Dome of Bangladesh Military Academy Complex

Bangabandhu Complex is a key building in the vicinity of the Bangladesh Military Academy (BMA), which featured a geodesic dome.

Animation of Dhaka Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) Project

Government of Bangladesh initiated the construction of the Dhaka Bus Rapid Transport to reduce the heavy traffic jam situation in the city.  Italian & Thai joint venture ItalThai Group has been awarded the construction contract.

Initial phase of the project has been started. This BRT Line -3 phase consists building of the Elevated Expressway from Gazipur to the Airport Road in Uttara.

Bangladesh Air Force Operating PAKISTAN Made Air Defense Weapons Controller Automation System

Bangladesh Air Force operating Pakistan made Air Defense Systems automation. This C4I Command & Control System has been developed and produced by the Air Weapons Complex (AWC), a subsidiary of the NESCOM, Pakistan.

This automated computer system has integration with all of the air defense assets of Bangladesh Air Force. Likewise all fighter aircrafts, interceptor aircrafts, surveillance & reconnaissance assets, radar stations & surface-to-air missiles systems are integrated within this system.

Until now it is been found that the whole system operates smoothly without any flaws. BAF is satisfied with this system and thanked for.

FIRST In South Asia: BIGGEST Underwater Tunneling Machine of Bangladesh

Chinese Tianhe Mechanical Equipment Manufacturing Company Ltd. built an ultra-large underwater tunnel boring machine for Bangladesh. This tunneling machine will be used to bore the Karnaphuli River Tunnel in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Currently it is being assembled in Jiansu, China which will be shipped to the country in next May.

Government of Bangladesh awarded the contract to build the tunnel road to the China Communication Construction Company Ltd. Within the next august main boring activities will start. And completion time for the tunnel has been settled as 2022.

WHAT’s Actually Happening With Bangladesh Navy’s P-3C Orion MPAs

It’s been reported that Bangladesh Navy very much interested in decommissioned Japanese & Australian P-3C Orion Maritime Patrol Aircrafts. Both party seeking international buyers for their P-3Cs platforms which are still capable to serve small and medium navies.

Lockheed P-3C Orion is one of the world’s most capable, long serving MPA platform. It has capabilities of anti-submarine (ASW) and anti-surface warfare (ASUW). Japan Maritime Sel-Defense Force (JMSDF) & Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) both are the oldest operator of P-3C.

EVERY Bangladeshi Must Watch This Video

Bangladesh Army’s the East Bengal Regiment Center or EBRC is a soldiers training center. This is the oldest regiment in BD Army.

Here soldiers gets advanced training for modern day land warfare, un-armed combat, character building etc.