Bangladesh Army Dance Video Compilation – 2018 [Part 1]

Soldiers of the Bangladesh Army occasionally arranges various entertainment functions. In those programs they dance, sing and do comedy. Here is the first of the compilation.


Tow More Submarine KILLER Helicopter For Bangladesh Navy

Bangladesh Navy’s wing in the DGDP has issued a tender for two more ASW-ASuW helicopters from overseas suppliers/manufacturers. According to the operational & technical specifications stated in the tender it is obvious that Italian Leonardo will be the winner of this procurement.

Earlier Bangladesh Navy awarded Leonardo for two AW159 Wildcat ASW copter. BN wants to build a fleet of 12 anti-submarine warfare helicopters to multiply force capabilities.

China Launched 4th Type 056 Stealth Corvette of Bangladesh Navy

Chinese Wuchang Shuangliu Shipyard launched 4th Bangladesh Navy Type 056 stealth corvette last Sunday. The hull number of the ship is F114, which will be outfitted soon. Currently the third one, F113, is being trialed in the open sea.

Bangladesh Navy has a plan to operate such 14-16 corvettes. Currently two of them are in active BN services. Rest ships of the fleet will be built in the Khulna Shipyard Limited, Bangladesh.

List of Bangladesh Navy AIRCRAFTS

Bangladesh Navy currently operating two Leonardo AW109E Power utility helicopters and two RUAG Dornier Do-228NG maritime patrol aircrafts. Two Leonardo AW159 Wildcat ASW helicopters are on order & recently a tender has been surfaced to purchase to more such copters.

On the other hand BN wants to expand its MPA aircrafts fleet to gain real force multiplier capabilities. On the line of this effort BD Navy ordered two more Do-228NG MPAs which will be fitted with the Leonardo SeaSpray AESA radars from Italy on those 2 new Dorniers.

Non-Conventional Warfare Training of The Bangladesh Army — 2018

Bangladesh Army updated their training program with the most modern and advanced procedure. To face the 21st century non-conventional security threats BA keep the soldiers upgraded with toughest military training.

Impressive Documentary on Bangabandhu Satellite

Bangabandhu Satellite was planned by the Government of Bangladesh to reduce dependency on foreign satellite leasing. Thales Alenia Space designed & manufactured this communications satellite. This satellite will save around $14 million yearly. BS-1 will be operated by the Bangladesh Communication Satellite Company Limited.

Mysterious Death Of Jeanette Van Tassel During Bangladesh’s First Manned Flight

First manned flight happened in Bangladesh in 1882. The then Nawab of Dhaka Khwaja Ahsan Ullah arranged the occasion. He invited famous American professional balloonist Jeanette Van Tassel and her mother Jenny Rumary Van Tassel to Dhaka.

Jeanette Van Tassel started with her hot air balloon at 6:20 pm in 16 March, 1882. The plan was to fly from the south bank of the river Buriganga to the roof of the Ahsan Manzil, the palace of the Nawab Ahsan Ullah. But due to gusting wind her balloon missed the targeted landing point of Ahsan Manzil’s roof top. She flew away to the gardens of the Shahbag. There her balloon crashed in a bamboo thicket.