Bangladesh Army Riverine Brigade & Tri-Shark Boats

Bangladesh Army formed a Riverine Brigade to enhance force’s operational capabilities in marshlands & rivers. Headquarter of this brigade has been established in Mithamain Upazilla of Kishoreganj district.

BD Army has bought 142 Tri-Shark high speed-boats and several other vessels. Among them two landing craft tank, landing craft utility are local made. Another Type C Command vessel also being built in home for army.


Bangladesh Navy vs Myanmar Navy 2018 | UNBIASED Power Comparison

In this video we tried to show a comprehensive comparison between the Bangladesh Navy and Myanmar Navy.

FABULOUS LANDSCAPE: Renovated Training Institute For The Bangladesh Navy

Bangladesh Naval Academy is the country’s sole naval warfare college being renovated with new infrastructures & landscapes
Government of Bangladesh funding the expansion & renovation of the Bangladesh Naval Academy’s new infrastructures

Here’s the 3-D illustration of the Bangladesh Naval Academy

Bangladesh Naval Academy is the training institute of country’s navy. Recently government approved a project to renovate this naval training institution with scores of new infrastructures, charming landscapes and with some other facilities. Here it is a mock up presentation of the whole project.

You BELIEVE It or NOT, Bangladesh Armed Forces Being New Power Player In The Region!

Bangladesh modernizing her defense forces to best serve the country’s interests, and this is a normal phenomenon
Bangladesh Armed Forces pursuing a modernization plan dubbed as the “Forces Goal – 2030” to enhance capabilities

Bangladesh Armed Forces pursuing an extensive modernization process dubbed as the “Forces Goal – 2030”. That’s mean many things will be changed within this time frame to increase Bangladesh’s military strength. Although the plan being implemented, some acquisition programs will depend on the economic condition.

Here the problem is most of the ordinary citizens of Bangladesh doesn’t know how defense procurement process works! We tried to make clear how Government of Bangladesh implementing the upgrade process and how much time it will take. This is just an effort to serve rightful information that Bangladeshis needs to know about their state institutions.

Bangladesh don’t publish about all its weapon systems because of many reasons. Some things should be kept in secrecy, it’s a strategy to astonishing enemy in battle. In the coming years Bangladesh Armed Forces will induct many game changing weapons. Many weapons and weapons platforms are great diplomatic tool which gives the country some leverage to gain favor in negotiating with other states.

Bangladesh must synchronize its efforts to secure her position in the region. To deal Myanmar perfectly we need highly advanced and effective weapons that could destroy Burmese dream of keep poking Bangladesh. So, not all things should be published in the newspapers or television channels.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Bangladesh Navy Mission In Mediterranean Sea

Bangladesh Navy deployed BNS Ali Haider and BNS Nirmul in UN Mission in Lebanon with a good number of navy sailors
Bangladesh Navy has sent its new built warship BNS Nirmul to the UN Observer mission in Lebanon

Bangladesh Navy currently serving a United Nations Peace Keeping Mission in Lebanon. The mission dubbed as United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL). Bangladesh Navy guided missile frigate BNS Ali Haider and large patrol craft BNS Nirmul has been deployed in the Mediterranean Sea as the Lebanon mission. BN is the third navy serving in that area. First BNS Osman and BNS Madhumati was deployed.

BN gaining valuable operational experiences by serving in the UNPK Missions in various parts of the world. Many of them are volatile. By providing in the UN Missions Bangladesh also earning much needed foreign currencies which helping country’s economy.

MISSILES & ARMAMENTS Carried By The Bangladesh Navy BNS Durjoy

Chinese warship builder Wuchang Shipyard built two Durjoy-class large patrol craft BNS Durjoy & BNS Nirmul for the Bangladesh Navy
Wuchang Shipyard Group Co., Ltd transfer the technology of the Durjoy-class LPC to Khulna Shipyard Limited

BNS Durjoy is the Durjoy class large patrol craft operating by the Bangladesh Navy (BN) from 2013. It is built by the Chinese Wuchang Shipyard. This LPC has a displacement of 648 tons and carry four C-704 anti-ship cruise missiles. An H/PJ-26 76.2 mm forward naval gun, 2 Oerlikon 20 mm cannon and 2 6-tube EDS-25A 250mm ASW rocket launchers are other armaments.

This ship is intended to operate in coastal waters for mainly surface warfare. China built two of this class, named BNS Durjoy and BNS Nirmul, for the Bangladesh Navy. Another two dedicated anti-submarine warfare (ASW) version has been built in the Khulna Shipyard Limited (KSY) recently. Four more are expected.

As Myanmar navy has no submarine yet but indian navy has, Bangladesh Navy surely deploy them near indian water border. After inducting two Chinese Ming-class attack submarines into active service india expressed unprecedented ire of towards Bangladeshi submarine acquisition. Unspecified sources said that indian navy submarines are sneaking into the Bangladeshi territorial water bodies recently in a frequency.

On the other hand, Burma will buy submarines soon after seeing what new submarines Bangladesh buy next. Hence it is wise to build up a strong ASW force in advance. These semi-stealth ASW LPCs will provide maximum security to the country’s coastal waters in time of war and peace.

Recently Bangladesh Navy set a goal to build maximum warships it needs in home. For hence, they extended their naval diplomacy to the level of acquiring naval ship building technology. China, for sure, is the frontrunner in Bangladesh’s quest of being warship builder nation. Already CSOC provide transfer-of-technology to the KSY for building Durjoy-class naval ships. This trend of building ship in home also will save Bangladesh’s foreign reserve and contribute to the economy.

Bangladesh’s First STEALTH Warship Builder: Khulna Shipyard Limited

Khulna Shipyard Limited is Bangladeshi naval shipbuilding industry owned by the Bangladesh Navy building various warships & cargo vessels
Bangladesh Navy turned Khulna Shipyard into the most efficient naval warship builder for the country

Khulna Shipyard (KSY) Limited was established in 1957 and currently being operated by the Bangladesh Navy. KSY Ltd has built the Durgam-class ASW large patrol craft for BN. After establishment, KSY built and repaired many cargo & container vessels. It also manufacture various steel structures for industry and infrastructure building.

This shipyard was handed over to the Bangladesh Navy in 1999 with a large sum of debt. After 2008 KSY paid all its debt and started making profit. Now it is the largest tax payer in the Khulna divisional region. Products of the KSY Ltd are various cargo vessels, container vessels, firefighting boats, tugboats, submarine tugs, harbor patrolling boats, Padma-class patrol boats, Durgam-class ASW LPCs, floating cranes, tankers, supply ships and some more.

In the coming years, Khulna Shipyard, slated to build stealth corvette for Navy. For this purposes modern facilities are being installed on the yard area. Bangladesh needs to enhance its shipbuilding capabilities to ensure mass employment and growth of the economy. Bangladesh Navy, in the case, paving a great way for other private entrepreneurs to invest in the sector.

Khulna Shipyard Ltd negotiating with china for its Type 056 Jiangdao corvette’s license building in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Navy has a plan to acquire such 14-16 corvettes within 2030 time frame under “Forces Goal-2030” modernization program. Already BN has operating two Type 056 in its active service. On the other side of the border, burmese navy (aka myanmar navy) tryning to destabilize the territorial waters of Bangladesh and burmese army provoking unrest near the border. Dhaka wants to give burma a befitting response and make myanmar nation to remember it with ultimate fear that what Bangladesh can do against her enemies. Hence, Bangladesh Navy needs massive firepower in the sea. Guided missile frigates, stealth corvettes, large patrol crafts and maritime aircrafts along with advanced attack submarines will comprise the force.

Building most of the naval ships in home, KSY can make Bangladesh independent of buying warships from foreign shipyards, which costs much more money and time. On the other hand, domestic industrial base will make our navy strong as well as the economy. Worldwide shipbuilding industry has a value worth $400b yearly. If Bangladesh can grab 1% of them, it would bring huge amount of money which will give our economy a strong position.