Italy Offered A129 Helicopter to Bangladesh Army

Bangladesh Army getting offer for its Attack Chopper acquisition program from various sources includes Italian Leonardo Company with its A129 International attack helicopter


Bangladesh Army attack helicopter procurement, Leonardo A129 is an option.

Italian defense equipment manufacturer Leonardo Company offered it A129 International attack helicopter to Bangladesh Army. Attack helicopters are modern army’s aerial warfare backbone and Leonardo’s A129 combat helicopter is one of the most sophisticated chopper in its class.

It is a combat proven platform. A129 also dubbed as AW129, sometimes. Italian Army operating 59 of them and deployed worldwide operations. This attack helo can operate in hot desert conditions, cold weather, and tropical humid weather. If Bangladesh Army go for A129 then they can get logistics, training, maintenance and spare supports easily.

Bangladesh Army READY: Deployed Unknown Amount of Troops, an Air & Naval Group Just Near Myanmar To Give Befitting Answer

Bangladesh trying to resolve the Rohingya crisis diplomatically involving major world powers including United Nations, USA, EU, Australia and other regional players

Bangladesh army is ready to handle any security scenario along the myanmar border. Government of Bangladesh insisting world community to resolve Rohingya crisis peacefully hence no parties be suffered.

Bangladesh is peace loving country and Bengali peoples are sacrificing continuously for peace. Bangladesh Armed Forces is the single largest contributor to the world peace by serving in the United Nations Peace Keeping missions.

Although, all this calm nature, people of Bangladesh loves their country above all. To defend country’s sovereignty Bangladesh Army, Navy and Air Force will not hesitate to fight any aggressor. For the reasons Bangladesh AFs are ready in the myanmar border.

Burma provoking Bangladesh for start a war with her. A war with burma right now will completely shadow the Rohingya crisis and give burmese killers sufficient rooms to kill more Rohingya peoples. Western world will just keeps barking on burma and let them to create massive anarchy inside our beloved country. For that reason Bangladesh must act cautiously to overcome the crisis and tensions with burma. We will get huge time to teach burma a lesion in near future. So, war is not an option for Bangladesh right now.

Bangladesh Army buying Russian Mi-28 or Mi-35 Attack Helicopter for its Army Aviation Group (AAG)’s Anti-Armor Warfare

Bangladesh Army buying Russian Mi-28 or Mi-35 Attack Helicopter for its Army Aviation Group (AAG)’s Anti-Armor Warfare. Bangladesh Army modernizing its forces’ power and acquiring most advanced modern weaponry & other military equipment such as C-295W aircraft, Mi-171Sh chopper, Nora B-52K SPG and now Mi-35/Mi-28 attack helicopter under the “Force Goal-2030” modernization program.

Bangladesh Army going to buy Russian Mi-28NM or Mi-35M attack helicopter soon.

Recently Russian Helicopters supplied 6 Mi-171Sh combat transport helicopters to Bangladesh ordered previously. Attack helicopters are the dedicated combat platforms used in the battlefield to provide fire support to the forward forces.

Bangladesh Army Aviation Group (AAG) building an independent air arm to execute its own air operations across the country and to reduce pressure on Bangladesh Air Force for fire support. Already BA has inducted various types of aircrafts including fixed-wing and rotary-wing. Previously they ordered Spanish made EADS CASA C295W medium lift military transport aircraft. Took delivery of 6 Mi-171Sh helicopters. Now ordering brand new dedicated attack choppers from Russia.

Before narrowing down the list Bangladesh Army (BA) has studied American AH-1Z Viper, Turkish TAI T129 ATAK and Chinese Z-10 attack helicopters.

Bangladesh has to protect herself from evil eyes on her peoples and resources. On the context of regional extremism uprising and insurgency in a low intensity it’s worthy to be prepared for any unexpected security scenario within or from external sources. Although, these security concerns Bangladesh must modernize its military with most advanced equipment available. Hence, government and armed forces prepared the “Forces Goal – 2030” modernizing program for the Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Navy and Bangladesh Air Force. Under this program BA bought various weapons and equipment from various sources. Among them Nora B-52K1 SPG, BTR-80 APCs, MBT-2000 Tank, Multiple Launch Rocket Systems, Anti-Tank Guided Missiles, Mi-171Sh helicopters, FM-90B SHORAD, LY-80E Medium-Range Surface-to-Air Missile system, new assault rifle, Chinese Man Portable Air Defense System (MANADS) etc.

As Bangladesh got a large portion of its border surrounded by plain landscape and aggressor’s mechanized and armored infantry can penetrate through, hence a dedicated attack helicopter with handsome anti-armor firepower is a must needed thing to bolster the security. On the other hand these helicopters can be used in anti-insurgency and counterterrorism operations too. For this requirement Bangladesh Senabahini evaluated various platforms includes American Bell AH-1Z Viper, Turkish Aerospace Industries TAI T129 ATAK, Chinese Change WZ-10, and Russian Mi-35M & Mi-28NM. Among them army narrowed down the list to the Mi-35M & Mi-28NM.

As Bangladesh already operating a combat and transport helicopter like Mi171Sh it’s expected that they would buy Mi-28 attack chopper for the role. As still it’s not decided, we must wait to see what happen next!

Bangladesh Army Received Mi-171Sh Military Helicopters from Russian Helicopters JSC Armed with ATGM, Bombs, Missiles & Rockets-2017

Bangladesh Army received Mi-171Sh combat helicopters from Russia, which are armed assault export version of the Mi-8AMT. These choppers are armed for the combat roles and equipped with multirole capable avionics & other systems too.

Bangladesh Army received Mi-171Sh combat helicopters from Russia, which are armed assault export version of the Mi-8AMT. These choppers are armed for the combat roles and equipped with multirole capable avionics & other systems too.
On the other hand, Bangladesh Air Force also operating 33 examples of the rotary-wing aircraft from the Russian Helicopters, a company of the state owned Rostec Corporation. This specific version has been derived from the Mil Mi-8AMT and being promoted worldwide from 2000. Russian Air Force has operating such 40 units which are armed with various weapons systems.
Bangladesh Senabahini will use these Mi-171Sh helicopters for various utility and combat roles. Relief and rescue missions during natural disaster & calamities are the main among civilian uses. They’ll also lease these aerial platforms in the United Nation Peace Keeping Missions too.
The upgraded version comes with modern advanced avionics, armaments same as Mi-24 attack helicopters, one new weather radar, rear ramp, hardened armor plates on outside of the cockpit and engines.

Bangladesh Army buying 2CN-235–300 Tactical Military Transport Aircraft from Spain for Army Aviation Group

Bangladesh Army buying two CASA CN-235-300 military transport aircraft from Spain with latest avionics updates and other advanced systems for military air operations.
Army Aviation Group, reportedly, ordered these two planes from Spanish company in early 2015. Bangladesh AAG currently operating various fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircrafts from several origins.

Bangladesh Army buying 2CN-235–300 Tactical Military Transport Aircraft from Spain for Army Aviation Group

Bangladesh Army ordered two CASA CN-235–300 medium range military transport aircraft from Spain. These two plane will be used for army air operation like tactical air lift and army logistical air support. CN-235 was jointly developed & manufactures by the PT. Dirgantara Indonesia and Spanish CASA. It can be modified as ground support gunship, which already has been done and in active service in Royal Jordanian Air Force. Indonesia, America, Turkey, Spain, France, Malaysia and such more than 20 countries has using almost 273 units of this plane. CASA CN-235–300 is the latest upgraded version of the same design with advanced avionics & sub-systems.

Tactical military transport, maritime patrol, paratroopers dropping, air surveillance, humanitarian & relief mission, search and rescue missions are the main job can be done with the CASA CN-235–300. Its special pressurized cabin can accommodate palletized cargo and medical evacuation mission setup with ease. These modification can be done with minimum tools and time. It can carry 6–9 tons of weight, including 57–71 fully geared troops or light vehicles. The MPA version is the CASA CN-235–300M, which can carry Anti-Surface Warfare (ASuW) and Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) weapons.

CASA CN-235–300 is a multi-role aircraft can be deployed for the tactical transport, maritime patrol, electronic warfare (ESM / ECM and ELINT / COMINT), and navigator training and aerial survey tasks. It is very much capable of short-takeoff and landing on rough and unprepared runway. Bangladesh’s CN-235–300 is modified with the Honeywell International Corp. advanced avionics suite. It also can be fitted with a double-nosewheel landing gear for “rough landing”. CN-235–300 can take up to the air after 1217 meters run. Its maximum range is 5,055 kilometers at 454km/h with maximum service ceiling at 25,000 feet up. The CN-235–300 has a range of 5,055km at maximum 454km/h cruising speed while its service ceiling is 25,000 ft. CN-235–300 is equipped with full sized rear ramp for easier cargo loading-unloading of bulk like palletized cargo and light combat vehicles.

It also featured one crew door and two troops dropping doors. Its rear ramp can be opened in-flight for paratroopers dropping and aerial cargo offloading. New modified version CN235–300 is very much capable of hot and high performance with in-flight refueling which increases its range with greater loiter time. Its pressurized cabin is fully air conditioned and can be configured for mixed passenger and cargo or for all-cargo operations. CN-235 300 can carry and drop 57 fully equipped troops and 48 paratroops. 24 stretchers with patients + four-person medical team also can be carried for the medical evacuation (MedEvac) mission.

Aerial mission loads can be dropped by low altitude or high altitude delivery tactics. CN-235 300 series cockpit is equipped with night-vision goggle enabler, one Rockwell Collins EFIS-85B (14) flight information system which is comprised of four 6in x 8in LCDs or liquid-crystal displays and twin heads-up display for pilot and co- pilot, as it needs only two crew to be piloted. It has an avionics suite of open-architecture of MIL-STD-1553B, ARINC 429 military digital databuses, advanced terrain collision avoidance system (enhanced TCAS) and Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS) and a Thales Topdeck color weather, flight data recorder. Where paratroopers can be dropped, aircraft’s flight management system & four-dimensional integrated navigation system automatically calculates that altitude and release points.

Two General Electric CT7–9C3 turboprop engines each generate 1,305kW power to run & fly the plane. There are fire detection and fire extinguishing systems for the engine’s safeguard. The MPA version is the CN-235 300M, can be armed with Harpoon anti-ship missiles, two mk46 torpedoes or Exocet M-39 air-launch anti-ship missiles which are stationed at six hardpoints, three under each wing.

Surely the CN-235–300 tactical military transport plane will greatly enhance Bangladesh Army’s operational capabilities across the country. During natural calamities and disaster armed forces needs sufficient transport assets to propagate actual air mobility operations in the crisis area, which includes relief goods transport, MedEvac of affected peoples, surveillance & rescue (SAR) mission, damage identification & control. During peacetime it also can be used to observe border areas, forests damages, in military training & exercises, leasing the aircraft to the United States Peace Keeping Missions worldwide and for so many such roles. Recently Bangladesh Army started to renew and enhance its military operational capabilities to support the development of the nation.

For the purposes it should support civilian government in various ways like constructing roads, highways and other infrastructures in remote and rough terrain where it is needs to carry engineers, skilled workers, low weight building equipment, and likes. Besides these military roles there are other missions too for these two CN-235–300 aircraft, will also always be deployed during disaster, while flood across the country, tornadoes & hurricanes are normal phenomena in the coastal areas in a yearly basis.