Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s Security: Special Security Force of Bangladesh (SSF)

Bangladesh’s Special Security Force is one of the most Capable, Smart, Fast, Lethal & Deadly for Enemy Who’re Tasked to Protect VVIPs of the Country or High Profile Guests Visits Bangladesh for State Invitation


Special Security Force, Bangladesh is a law enforcement agency which is tasked with to protect prime minister, president and foreign dignitaries to visit the country. It was founded in 1986 as the President Guards Regiment or PGR. This force comprised of Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Air Force, Bangladesh Navy, Police, Border Guard Bangladesh and from other para military forces.

Special Security Force (SSF) has been trained in the European Security Academy (ESA) in Poland. Which training includes how to response promptly in any unexpected and non-conventional threats against high profile entities of the state. Agents of SSF are capable of use any types of weapons and small arms available and have been trained to repulse any terror attacks.

The mission of SSF is to provide physical security to the President and Prime Minister of Bangladesh. They also provide protocol to any person designated as VIP by the Government of Bangladesh. SSF operates in coordination with civil administration, security and intelligence organizations to prevent as well as protect VIPs from any threats. SSF is only accountable to the Prime Minister according to the parliamentary system. This LEA also responsible for the security of VIPs’ offices and residences.

Firstly, it was named as Presidential Security Force (PSF) when formed on 15 June 1986. But later with the introduction of Parliamentary Government System in Bangladesh, the force was renamed as Special Security Force on 27 September 1991. It is headquartered in Dhaka.

Author: Defense Update Bangladesh

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