Bangladesh Navy Commissioning Submarines in 12 March, 2017

Bangladesh Navy going to commission its 2 Type 035G Ming class Attack submarines BNS Nabajatra & BNS Joyjatra in 12 march, 2017. The Pennant Numbers of these two submarines are: S161 & S162. These boats will enhance BN’s capabilities & presence in the Bay of Bengal. Submarines are the stealthier weapons which can make a navy more lethal than one with large surface combatants. It can pop-up anywhere in the water and can runaway safely after hitting targets.


Bangladesh Navy Submarine Update-2017:

Bangladesh Navy going to commission its 2 Type 035G Ming-class submarines, BNS Nabajatra & BNS Joyjatra, in 12 March, 2017. The pennant numbers of these two boats are: S161 & S162. Admiral Mohammad Nizamuddin Ahmed, Chief of the Naval Staff (CNS), received these two submarines in Dalian, China where they were built and refitted with heavy upgrades. S161 & S162 Ming-class submarines of Bangladesh Navy arrived at Chittagong Port in 14 November, 2016.

Bangladesh has plan to expand its submarine forces comprises of 8 submarines and at least two submarine bases. Primarily these two submarine will berth in the Amnabad Submarine Base in Patuakhali near Payrabond Port where Navy building country’s biggest naval base along, Bangladesh Army also building a cantonment to protect Bangladesh’s interests and assets there. In coming years Bangladesh will buy either Russian upgraded Kilo class advanced sub or Chinese Type 041 Yuan class or S20 boats for more credible naval power.

Author: Defense Update Bangladesh

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