Video of Bangladesh Navy Anti-Submarine Warfare: Submarine Killer Rocket of BN

Bangladesh Navy has Type 81 Anti-Submarine Warfare Rocket launchers it its inventory for shallow water ASW role. It is an upgraded version of the Russian RBU-1200 ASW rocket launchers which fires 240/250mm Type 62 rockets from ASW small & medium warships like patrol vessels, fast attack crafts, submarine-chasers and frigates.

Bangladesh Navy uses 250mm rockets and this system is a five-tube launchers and rockets have to be loaded manually. It has a range of 3,200 meters. Features are as below:

• Range: 100 m to 1000 m

• Weight: 195 kg

• Warhead:100 kg

• Caliber: 300 mm

• Length: 1800 mm

• Sink rate: 11.8 m/s

• Maximum depth: 450 m

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Author: Defense Update Bangladesh

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